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This particular Bandit is only encountered in the Bandit Camp during the events of Chapter Three. Unlike most of the typical bandits encountered in Baldur's Gate, these bandits have a higher level, hit points, strength, dexterity and saving throws. They also have a +3 bow weapon proficiency. There is a total of ten of them present in the camp.

Eleventh Bandit[]

An eleventh bandit (BANDCR.cre) is found in the camp.

This bandit is the individual who will speak to the party in the camp cutscene if they have been brought to the camp after speaking with Raiken or Teven. He'll leave with the other bandits present in the cutscene once Tazok has granted the party access to the camp.

However, if Deke has been encountered, he gave up the camp's location and then the party makes for the camp without encountering Raiken or Teven, then he's present in the camp. Unlike the other ten bandits in the camp, he has the same stats as a typical bandit.