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Balthis Estate is the residence of Lord Acton Balthis, Vice-Regent for the Council of Athkatla, in the northeast corner of the Bridge District.


The single floor layout includes a kitchen (SE), living area (SW), bedroom (NW) and a pool with a fountain (NE). There are two entrances, one leads to the main living area and the other to the Kitchen.


Vice Regent Balthis can be found in his bedroom, while his servant Pip occupies the living area. Two Amnian Bodyguards are also present, one in the living area, another near the fountain pool.

Attempting to talk to Acton directly results only in him shouting, "Brigands in my home, is it? Bah, where are the guards?! GUARDS!!" Of course neither of the guards actually enter his bedroom, and leaving the bedroom finds the guards still neutral, at least for a time. The party can leave the premises now, but delaying this will be detrimental to the neutral attitude.

Talking to Pip informs the player that, while "Acton Balthis [is] currently Vice-Regent for the Council of Athkatla" he "is not a member of the Council per se, but he acts on their behalf. Someone must govern, even when the Councilors are not in session." After talking to Pip, he will "ask you to leave, my Lord. Lord Balthis would wish the privacy of his home respected."

After talking to Pip, a bodyguard will then give you a warning, and if you start wandering around the rest of the house, the guards turn hostile.

"You there! You are trespassing in the home of the Vice-Regent of Athkatla! You will remove yourself from this place immediately!"


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The two tables in the kitchen and living room can be examined. A dresser in the bedroom, and an altar near the pool are the only other containers to search. Acton, Pip and both guards can be pick-pocketed. A failed attempt will lead to hostilities.

If at any time a party member is caught thieving, or you tell Pip that you are "here to help myself to your lord's belongings...kindly step aside," or if you wander around the house after the guard's first warning, or if you harm Acton or Pip - both guards turn hostile and call for backup, which will include several of the additional following:


Killing either Acton or Pip results in the usual Reputation loss associated with murdering an innocent. Killing both will most likely reduce the party reputation near to despised outlaw status until some determined reputation rebuilding occurs. Just because Gorion's Ward's real father was the Lord of Murder does not mean that committing homicide of innocents won't have consequences.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Unfinished Business II mod for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn restores a quest, "The Murder of Acton Balthis", that was cut from the game according to David Gaider of Bioware. This quest is only for players who have taken Haer'Dalis as a companion, and who also, for some reason, have not already slain Quataris the art dealer in Waukeen's Promenade.