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This unique demon is encountered in a mine shaft chamber in the eastern part of the Svirfneblin mining encampment area. It is part of a task you can accept stemming from Goldander Blackenrock.

This encounter is part of the Svirfneblin village concerns quest.

If you agree to perform a task for the Svirfneblin leader, which involves destroying this creature and then sealing it with a magical scroll, he will give you a reward to help further your hunt for Irenicus, and the means to enter an extremely dark and currently impenetrable cave - see the Light Gem page.


UD OG Summon Balor

Once this Balor is enticed to manifest itself by interacting with a pit in the mine chamber, the demon will rise forth and soon go on the offensive, seeking to destroy anyone in sight. Expect the beast to self-protect and then attack with innate demonic abilities and his fearsome melee attack — both can be used in the same round.

It will likely implement a Symbol, Stun effect, then possibly a Paralyze (innate), Remove Magic and a Confusion spell effect as well.

Note that the beast's crushing damage melee attack will apply a Panic effect on hit, with a saving throw to negate.

A +3 or better enchantment level is needed to be able to strike the demon with a weapon.

Party members in the same chamber as the demon should be prepared to resist against these detrimental effects, even if they are not in melee range.

Once destroyed, the special magical scroll to seal the pit can be used, and then return to Goldander to report your mission results.


Mod content[]

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod, and the "Improved Fiends" component will alter the Balor as follows:

An SCS Improved Fiend AI is provided, allowing better defensive and tactical behavior. The demon will adjust its attacks depending on party protective spells and certain items equipped. It will do a good job not squandering attacks on a party member protected against its attacks until that protection is removed, and or will select a more vulnerable target. The game difficulty selection will affect the challenge factor and what the creature is able to do offensively.

The demon has all of the immunities of the unmodified creature, plus some addition ones added; including Level drain, Paralyze, Entangle, Webbed, and specific immunity from most fire and electricity-based spells.

This Balor has more hit points and a 20 CON score. It is now a 24 HD creature. The beast uses a special "flail-whip" weapon in the off-hand that strikes as a +5 enchanted item that can hit for 1d4 crushing (+14 strength bonus) and 3d6 fire damage. This flail-whip has a range of 3 and a speed factor of 4, as well as a +5 THAC0 bonus.

In the main hand, presumably the Balor's sword, is a +5 enchanted blade dealing 2d6 slashing damage (+14 strength bonus), with a 15% chance of inflicting a Kill target Vorpal Hit. A save vs. Death with a -4 penalty will negate. The Balor also gets to benefit from the 5-pip grand mastery weapon proficiency for the sword, 4 pips to the flail-whip and 3 pips in two-weapon fighting style.

Elemental Resistances are changed to 50% cold and 100% electricity and fire. Acid resistance is removed.

The Demon's racial enemy is Human and will gain a to-hit bonus against that race.

A +2-movement modifier is provided, unaffected by free action.

The Balor has the following innate spell-like powers, cast at the 24th level:

Remove Magic, Domination, Implosion, Stoneskin, Teleport without error.

And the following Arcane and Priest spells memorized (and instantly cast):

Breach (×3), Symbol of Death (×3), Symbol of Stun (×3), and Firestorm (×1)

The Balor is wreathed in a protective fire shield similar to an Aura of Flaming Death. It can be dispelled but returns again the next round.

The demon will deploy a protective stoneskin, and then other innate or spell casts will be instantly deployed in the same round as the melee attacks (Attacks per round (×2) sword and (×1) flail-whip). A Fire Storm will be cast on top of the Balor, then any of the other available spells will be used depending on the AI script's analysis of opponent's strengths and weaknesses. Due to all the bonuses the creature receives in melee combat, it will most likely hit even a -24 Armor Class over 50% of the time, expect significant slashing and blunt damage delivered in a single round. The Balor will chase down and teleport without error to party members that try and flee away from his presence. You can run, but you cannot hide. This can be mitigated by always keeping its attention with at least one character party member in its detection range, thus allowing wounded companions to withdraw from danger.