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Editing the wikiEdit

As a Wikia, this site is entirely editable, allowing multiple persons to change and improve the site.

If there are any parts of the wiki you cannot change but think you could improve, e.g. features, infobox templates, organization please contact an admin.


This wiki uses American English (AmE) as the standard language to write articles, because most of the games bearing the title of Baldur's Gate are written in American English. However, we don't punish contributors who write articles in British English (BrE). When you pick either AmE or BrE, make sure that you won't mix them when you write an article. Articles may not be written in any other official language. If you are interested in setting up a Baldur's Gate Wiki in a different language, contact an admin, so that

If an item or spell found in the game is either BrE or AmE spelling, don't correct it.

For example the spell Ghost Armor which is all Baldur's Gate games should not be translated to Ghost Armour and vice versa.

This wiki does not accept articles being written in any informal language and strong language is forbidden. Ignoring this rule may lead to deleting or reverting of the article(s) which violate this rule. Editors who violate this rule will be warned before they are blocked.
This applies to comment sections, user talk pages and the forum as well, with less restrictions on informality. (It's talk, after all.)

There are some differences between American (AmE) and British English (BrE) spelling and grammar as shown below. Some words in AmE may have a different meaning in BrE or they use different words for the same object.

American British
-or, -our  Armor, color, honor   Armour, colour, honour. (Latin-derived spellings)
-er, -re Center, theather. Centre, theatre.
? Travelers Travellers
Different words, same meaning Automobile Car
Addicting Addictive
Counterclockwise Anti-clockwise.

For more examples of words and information on spelling, see the external sources to the Wikipedia articles.

Article point of view and perspectiveEdit

All articles must be written with a neutral point of view in the third person perspective. This means articles may not have personal comments from the writers.

Example 1:

I / he found a dagger +2 at location X.

This should be corrected to:

A dagger +2 can be found at location X.

Example 2:

Rashad's Talon is an awesome weapon, because it offers a +2 damage bonus.

This should be corrected to:

Many players think that Rhashad's Talon is an awesome weapon, because of the +2 damage bonus it offers.

Lore, background information, sources of informationEdit

This game is set in the Forgotten Realms. This realm has a huge expanded universe, detailing characters, locations and items not mentioned in the game. Information on pages at this wiki should only be based on what we learn in the games, game manuals or novels about the stories of the games. There are three official novels about the story told in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II, which follow the plotlines. Only for information about modifications of game files (mods) and cheats, there is an exemption of this rule.

If you want to find out more about the rest of the Forgotten Realms, please visit the Forgotten Realms Wiki.

This wiki discourages plagiarism; copying text from a source and pretending this is written by you, the contributor, even if this is from another wiki, is unacceptable. The text which was copied from other sources, must be rewritten or be removed of the sections of the page.

Use the sections sources on a page if information from sources is used.

Personal pagesEdit

Every registered user on this wiki has a profile page and a talk page. Talk&profile pages of users may be written in any language and strong language must be kept within an acceptable limit. For the general interest of the wiki, it is preferred that profile and talk pages are written in either American English or British English.

Tactics and walkthroughsEdit

The wiki provides information on characters and items so players can make their own educated decision in the game, although it is possible that you can make walkthroughs on certain area and tactics of certain creatures and battles on the same page, as long as it is obvious to the readers that they are reading a walkthrough or a tactics section.

Referring to the Player CharacterEdit

When mentioning the playable character, the character you created, refer to them as the player, the protagonist, Gorion's Ward, or simply you, e.g. The guard will attack you if you are caught stealing.

Use of screenshotsEdit

Main article: Project:Images

As this wiki is based entirely on a computer game, screenshots are a must. Use of screenshots comes under fair use as this is a non-profit website and we are using the screenshots simply to share knowledge, not as a replacement to the game (in fact unless you play the game, this wiki is entirely useless).

When uploading images for the wiki, please ensure they are cropped so that only what is necessary is shown. e.g. If you are getting a screenshot of a character, do not have a hobgoblin in the background. This makes the wiki clearer for other users.

The wiki uses .png files for pictures and .gif files for animated pictures and we don't recommend any other files.

Current administratorsEdit

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