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This page contains information which will help new editors on this wiki. If this doesn't help you, leave a comment below or visit the forum. If have some improvements or some tips, use the comments section below. This page has last been updated at 18 January 2017.


Administrators or sysops are Baldur's Gate Wiki editors responsible for the wiki's well being. They are trusted users who have proven their ability and dedication to the Wiki. If you have any questions, ideas or problems leave a message for an admin. Admins regularly visit and edit the Wiki so you can be sure they will receive and reply to you message quickly.

Admins do not own the wiki and are equal to other editors in terms of responsibility for wiki articles. For more information about administrators and who are administrators, visit this page.

Basic editing help[]

Editing help[]

Advanced editing help[]


Wikia's use category to organise pages which are related to each other and to make pages easier to find.

Category tree[]

This wiki uses the following categories for all pages which are originally related to the games. This does not include content from mods, but only a dedicated page for one mod itself.


All pages with Template:Infobox item automatically have the Category:Items. All other categories are automatically set when filling the infobox correctly.

Images, Screenshots and Videos[]

You can find instructions on how to make screenshots and upload images on this page. You can add a video on a page by adding an URL (Uniform Resource Locater), the link of the page in the webbrowser. You can URL's from youtube, vimeo and many more video hosting sites.

Help for pages[]

Model Pages are examples of how a good page about an item, spell, NPC, companion and etcetera should like. These pages are guidelines, you can always take a different approach if you think that makes the page better.

Manuals of style[]

Templates and infoboxes[]

The used infoboxes on this wiki can be found here. The instructions on how to use them can be found on the page of the template itself.

If you want to see userboxes you can add to your profile page, click on the link.

Other tips[]

  1. You can use Special:Whatlinkshere to find links to other pages which may information about the subject. Note: It's a capital-sensitive searching engine, in case you don't have a result, try to change the capital letters.