This page should help contributors in the process of making images, uploading them and then categorise the image. The latest update of this page was at December 29, 2018. If you are searching for a specific file, the following links will help:

Making screenshots and processing themEdit

Personal computersEdit

You can make screenshots in-game by pressing the button Prt Sc (print screen) on your keyboard. The screenshot can be copied immediatly to Microsoft Paint or any other other progams you can process pictures with, but the screenshot is always added to a map of the games files itself. Go to the directory where the files of the game(s) are installed. The map ScrnShot contains all the screenshot you have made in-game. This is in the case of Baldur's Gate (game) and Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. In the enhanced edition, the save files and screenshots can usually be found in the map with all other documents of the user.

The screenshots made in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition are saved in a different map with the name of the game, which can be found in your documents. The map for screenshots is called ScrnShot.

Uploading ImagesEdit

To upload a picture, simply click Contribute and then Add a Photo button on the right hand side. Once at the upload page, use the "browse" button and select your file. This wiki is using png.files for normal images and gif.files for animated pictures.

Duplicate imagesEdit

Please make sure that you aren't uploading a duplicate image! There is no point having two identical pictures uploaded. An easy way to check if the image you want to upload already exists on the Baldur's Gate Wiki is to go to the article about whatever you're uploading. For example, if you were to upload a picture of Candlekeep, you would go to the Candlekeep article to check if the picture hasn't been uploaded already. Checking screenshots may also help.

Naming imagesEdit

Type in what you want to call the picture, but try to use these guidelines as much as possible, so images can be easily categorised for now and in the future.

Image is from a: Name Image type Source
Item found in the game Give the image the same name as the item, unless it has a different lore name (usually found in the item description in the game). Example: the War Hammer +2 in Baldur's Gate has the lore name Ashideena, image is named "Ashideena item artwork BG.png Is it artwork or an item icon? Add icon to it, if it's item icon or art, for item artwork.

Add a abbreviation from the source to the name.

BG for Baldur's Gate,

BGEE for Baldur's Gate: Enchanced Edition.

BG2 for Baldur's Gate II

BG2EE for Baldur's Gate II: Enchanced Edition

BGSOD for Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.

NPC Give the image the name of the NPC. In case of portraits of companions or important characters, add portrait to it. Add NPC in  the name.
Building If the building is a store, temple, inn, etc. and it has a name, give the image the name of the building. If the building has no name, name it after the owner, example is Landrin, she has a home in Beregost, the image is called Landrin's Home. Is the picture from outside or from inside the building? Add building exterior or building interior to it.
Area in the game Every area has a certain code in the game, give the image the name of the code. If you don't know the code, give it the area name or name it after certain objects found in the area. Add area in the name, unless the image is named after the area code.
Object or interactive object Give the image the name of the object. Add object to it.

For example, you take an image from outside the Sorcerous Sundries building while playing Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, the name of the image should be: "Sorcerous Sundries building exterior BGEE".

Quality of your imagesEdit

To ensure the quality of our image, make sure uploaded images are:

  • png.files or gif. files for animated images.
  • Try to "crop" images before uploading, making a picture from a basilisk with one of your companions in the background isn't considered as good quality image.
  • Make sure that the size is common for images of it's type, making an image of an item icon the size of A4-paper is not good quality, as is the opposite, making a screenshot of your party as small as an item icon (52 by 52 pixels) for example.

Standard sizesEdit

For the drawn image of the item (item artwork), the standard size is 175 pixels wide and 225 pixels tall. For items the inventory image (item icons), it's between 45 x 45 - 55 x 55 pixels.

An image which is to be added to an infobox on this wiki can be 250 wide and 300 pixels tall.

Images of objects, npc's and building can be any size.

Images from areas can be any size, because the size can be adjusted in the infobox.

Sourcing your imagesEdit

The Baldur's Gate Wiki strives to be the most accurate Baldur's Gate resource in existence, and to achieve this we have to say where we get our information from. This applies to images as well. When uploading an image, please be sure to tell us where you found it in the "Summary" section of the upload page.

Remember to be critical of your sources. We generally only want pictures from the official Baldur's Gate games or Forgotten Realms sources, not from places such as Google. Do not upload fan art or fanon unless it is only for use on a userpage.

Categorise your imagesEdit

After uploading your images, add a category to the image. This should make it easy to find certain images quickly.