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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

This is a walkthrough for the quest content added by the Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters mod.


Unexpected Help[]

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Alanna's Neighbor in Trouble[]

(a.k.a. "Slime Quest")
BGQE mod slime screenshot
  • In Beregost, Alanna initiates conversion when you walk through the top-left portion of town. She says that her neighbor Eltolth needs help, and asks you to follow her into his house.
  • Eltolth's house(1200.1800) is marked "House of Alanna's Neighbor" on the area map. Enter it, to see that Eltolth has been turned into a slime. Alanna gives you the empty flask[1] she found next to him, and asks you to find a way to restore him.
    • OPTIONAL: Read the flask's item description, to notice a signature that starts with "T".
  • Inspect the slime (by "initiating dialog" with it), and choose the option to take a closer look. You find Eltolth's diary[2], which mentions that he bought the potion from Tulbor in a tavern.
    • WARNING: Poking the slime 6 times via dialog turns it hostile, which ends the quest.
  • Enter the Red Sheaf inn in Beregost, and talk to Tulbor(400.100) on the ground floor. Show him the diary to make him cooperative. He then offers to sell you the antidote.
    • CHOICE: Buy the antidote[3].
      It's the last sample he has, and costs 100 gp.
    • CHOICE: Buy an inferior alternative[4].
      If you ask for something cheaper, he offers you an alternative potion that "might" work for 20 gp.
    • CHOICE: Buy both.
      The real antidote works as a buff potion on a normal person (STR set to 23 for 10 minutes), so maybe you want to keep it for yourself, and risk the inferior one on Eltolth.
  • Return to Alanna in Eltolth's house.
    • CHOICE: Give her the real antidote.
      It transforms Eltolth back to human, which makes both him and Alanna happy. You get 200 gp, 500 XP, and if you did not ask for a reward, +1 reputation.
    • CHOICE: Give her the inferior alternative.
      The effect of the potion is up to chance:
      • 20% chance that it transforms Eltolth back to human. (Same reward as described above.)
      • 40% chance that it kills both Eltolth and Alanna. You get 500 XP, -1 reputation, and some of your companions may leave your party in protest.
      • 40% chance that nothing happens. In this case you have to make a new choice:
        • CHOICE: Give her the real antidote after all. (Same reward as described above.)
        • CHOICE: Walk away. You get 30 gp[5] and 500 XP.
        • CHOICE: Make her kiss the slime. Some of your companions may stop you from pulling this prank. If you go through with it, you get 500 XP and -1 reputation.
  • ADDENDUM: If you return to Tulbor and ask about other potions, he fills up the empty flask you got at the start of the quest[6], which turns it into a standard healing potion.

Family Quarrel in Beregost[]

(a.k.a. "Family Treasure Quest")
  • In Beregost, a little girl named Annie Dudley stands in front of a house in the top-left portion of town.
    Optionally talk to her, to learn that her parents are fighting.
  • Enter the house(800.1700) in question, and talk to both Mrs. Dudley (on the ground floor) and Mr. Dudley (on the top floor) to hear some vague hints that they are having a marriage conflict about a lost item.
  • Question the child Annie outside the house, to learn that it's about a necklace.
  • Back inside the house, question the wife, then the husband, and then the wife again, to learn that they discussed selling grandma's necklace due to financial trouble, but then someone took it – and each of them accuses the other.
  • Return to Annie outside, and tell her to "give it back". She admits to hiding the necklace because it's the last memento of grandma.
    • CHOICE: Convince her to return it.
      Tell her to do the right thing "even if it hurts", and she goes inside.
    • CHOICE: Return it for her.
      Tell Annie to give you the necklace[7], and she does. Then give it to one of the parents within 2 days.
    • EVIL CHOICE: Keep it for yourself.
      Tell Annie to give you the necklace[7], and then simply keep it. If you approach the street in front of their house again 2+ days later, the whole family is there, tells you that they lost their home because of you, and the quest ends (-1 reputation, no XP).
  • Assuming you took one of the non-evil choices, find the family gathered on the top floor of the house, and talk to them again to learn that they have reconciled (500 XP).
  • ADDENDUM: You can then offer to buy the necklace from them. They sell it to you for 500 gp.
    (If you secretly overpay them, Mr. Dudley catches up with you in Beregost and returns the change.)
    You can then give the necklace to Annie (outside the house) as a gift (+1 reputation).

A worried Farmer[]

Drunk near Beregost Temple[]

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Lovesick Half-Orc[]

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Babysitting in Nashkel[]

  • In Nashkel, talk to Mrs. Blackwood.
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Monster in Nashkel[]

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A Warm Place for Noober[]

  • Noober reappears after your initial base-game encounter with him in Nashkel.
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Captain Brage's Guilt[]

(a.k.a. "Brage's Sword")
  • Then talk to Oublek in Nashkel again. He wants you to prove Brage's guilt or innocence.
    There are two pieces of evidence that count, and you can procure them in any order:
  • EVIDENCE 1: Expert opinion on the sword
    • Talk to priest Nalin in the temple in Nashkel. He wants to assist the investigation by inspecting the sword that Brage gave you[8].
    • CHOICE: Show him Brage's sword.
      (You can optionally extort up to 500 gp[9] from Nalin for letting him see it.)
      Nalin confirms that the sword is cursed, and promises to testify to that at trial.
      When you exit the temple, Brage's sister Laryssa possibly approaches and gives you a further clue[10] – see below.
    • EVIL CHOICE: Show him a different two-handed sword.[11]
      Since Nalin finds no anomalies, this cements Brage's guilt in the eyes of the law. Talking to Oublek again after this, ends the quest.
  • OPTIONAL: Evidence that is too weak to count
    • If you brought[12] Brage to the temple in Nashkel, you can talk to him there. If instead you turned him over to the authorities, talk to Oublek to arrange an interview in prison.
      Either way, ask Brage what happened before his murder spree, to learn that he found the sword on a merchant who was murdered but whose wares were suspiciously left untouched, as if it was a set-up.
    • When the chapter 2 main plot takes you to the bottom of the Nashkel Mines, loot the dwarven corpse in Mulahey's lair for a letter[13] from Tazok to Mulahey. It hints at a conspiracy involving Brage's sword.
    • Neither of these two hints count as evidence for the trial, but you might take them as motivation to investigate further.
  • EVIDENCE 2: Written account of the frame-up
    • If you already found and killed the cursed item seller Borda during your travels, you already completed this sub-quest, so find the letter you looted off him and skip to the end.
      Otherwise, find one of the following two clues:
    • Clue A: When Laryssa approaches you after you get Nalin's testimony on the sword (see above), she tells you about a cursed item seller being seen at the carnival.[14]
    • Clue B: When the chapter 3 main plot takes you to the Bandit Camp, you can loot the chest in Tazok's tent for a letter[15] from Borda to Tazok, which also mentions a contact at the carnival.
    • Travel to the Nashkel Carnival, enter the bottom-left tent(1900.3500), and confront the potion merchant inside with the clue you found. He admits that he bought potions off the cursed item seller, and points you to that seller's location.
    • Find the cursed item seller Borda.
      If your party never met him before, he is at his original location(700.1600) in the Area West of Nashkel.
      If you met him before but didn't kill him, enter the "black lotus tent"(4800.2200) (at the right edge of the carnival map) and exit it again, and Borda approaches[16] and attacks.
    • Kill Borda, and loot his corpse for a letter[17] from Tazok to Borda, which explains the conspiracy to frame Captain Brage with the cursed sword.
  • Report both pieces[18] of evidence for Brage's innocence to Oublek in Nashkel.
    Then talk to Oublek again, to see a cutscene of the trial which ends with Brage's release.

Many little paws[]

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Undying Love in the Fishing Village[]

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Bodies for a good Cause[]

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Fallen Paladin in Baldur's Gate[]

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