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Baldur's Gate II Chapter 2 is the second part of Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.  In this chapter you will have to collect 20,000 gp (later reduced to 15,000) and make an important decision that will decide every action you need to take in Baldur's Gate II Chapter 3.

You will find yourself outside Gaelan Bayle's house. His nephew, Brus, will direct you to a place where you can find work related to your character's class. You need to raise money to fund the rescue of Imoen. To get this money you will need to sell, raid and complete sub-quests.

There are many interesting encounters in Dock, Bridge and Promenade areas at night in this chapter, some scenes show how vampires luring shadow thieves, at least 3 vampire vs. thieves(all blue) skirmishes, 3 party vs vampires, some are just night thugs, some are cross-area encounters so you may see them even in Government District. Encounters take time to appear, you might not have 2 encounters at one night.

Also try to travel between every two districts to trigger all "random" ambushes, which only occur when leaving a certain district for the first time or from a specific district to another.

Once you have 15,000Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1 in hand and being in the city anywhere but City Gate or Graveyard, a mysterious woman named Valen will appear and will urge you to meet her mistress in the Graveyard District. Right after you finish talking with Valen, Brus will arrive with a message from Gaelan that he will sweeten the deal for you to 15,000 gp if you meet him.

You now have a choice. You must choose whether to side with the vampires led by Bodhi or the Shadow Thieves led by Aran Linvail. If you give 15,000 gold pieces to Bodhi, you will have to attack the Shadow Thieves to get the help for rescuing Imoen. If you give 15,000 gp to Gaelen, you will have to attack the vampires to get the help for rescuing Imoen. When you have made you choice go to either Bodhi or Gaelen. If you go to Gaelen he will give you a key so you can get to Aran Linvail in the Shadow Theives guild.