AR0700BG1worldmap Baldur's Gate Central is one of the areas from the World Map.

Buildings Edit

  • Gambling tents, Diviner's tent, in the center of the map
  • Estate of Oberon AR0143; 3400, 100. Soon to be the meeting place of a defector who is selling the means of creating Halruaan Skyships, and his potential clients. The components: a Gem, a Statue and a Book are guarded by three mages and sought by the Thieves' Guild (See East Baldur's Gate. If the party is unarmed until the third floor, they can claim to be servants, but Glanmarie will summon five Flaming Fist Enforcers in response to many of the dialogue options. Delorna, 1400 XP, Necklace of Magic Missiles, Traveler's Robe, Delorna's Spellbook; Helshara, Helshara's Artifact Fragment; Ithmeera, Delorna's (dev error) Statue.
  • Felonius Gist - house at 1750, 1000. Continuation of quest from Degrodel in Baldur's Gate Northwest, who gives Stone to Flesh scrolls to free the statues. Free the NW corner statue, and get 500XP, and a clue to where the Helm of Balduran is (in an Inn). Exploit: Free the NW corner statue, say you want to fight him; all the statues go hostile; once freed, they can be killed without reputation loss and 5800 XP total.
  • Nadine - 4150, 880. Quest petitioner. Nadine needs the party to track down her son Euric, off on a pub crawl, and give him an Amulet of Protection +1. Euric is in an unnamed Inn in the south of Baldur's Gate Southeast, 1655, 2314. Find him and get 1100 XP; return to Nadine and get a Necklace of Missiles and Reputation + 1
  • Poultry Store -660, 500, suffering a plague of Rabid Chickens.
  • Dabron Sashenstar appears at 785, 1685 if the party sided with the Druids and killed Aldeth in the first Cloakwood with the hunting Lodge.
  • Drakon Tavern (just North of the gate) offers all 4 levels of lodging and beverages.


  • Lothander at the tents in the center - 2650, 1120, who warns that the player character has been poisoned while sleeping. Remove Lothander's Geas, and he promises to give the antidote to the poison. He motions the PC to a Diviner's tent; step inside; the Diviner sees that the Temple of Umberlee has what Lothander seeks. See the Baldur's Gate Docks for the remainder of this quest, and its involvement with the Casson and Tenya quests and the Tome of Understanding (permanent +1 Wisdom).
  • Lady Hannah - 330, 870, is upset because Ragefast the Mage has enslaved a Nymph in the Baldur's Gate West. See also Baldur's Gate North for Ragefast's rival mage's involvement.

Reputation Trap Edit

If your Reputation is lower than 3 you will be attacked by groups of three Flaming Fist Enforcers, a Flaming Fist Scout and a Flaming Fist Battle Wizard. The Flaming Fist will attack suddenly on the streets.


City map overviewEdit

City grid you are at the X:
o|o|o     NW|N|NE 
o|X|o      W|C|E  
o|o|o     SW|S|SE