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Baldurs gate crest

Baldur's Gate coat of arms

All citizens of the Sword Coast eventually pass through Baldur's Gate, and I knew thou wouldst as well.

— Elminster

Baldur's Gate is the largest city in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. The city is divided into nine districts and has many shops, Inns, and places of worship. It is also the home of many notable organizations such as the Flaming Fist, the Merchants' League, and the Iron Throne.

The city is as massive below as it is above: it has an extensive sewer system which is often used by criminals to move unseen through the city. It can be utilized by the player to the same end should they be pursued by members of the Flaming Fist who guard and enforce the city's laws. This is fortunate as killing a city guard will turn the whole city against the player and decrease their reputation by 10 points.

The city cannot be entered until Chapter Five of the story and plays a notable role there and in the chapters that follow.

History of the CityEdit

The city started as a small harbour town and a famous explorer named Balduran invested much of his vast wealth in the construction of the city walls before leaving the town to explore the seas once more. A voyage from which he would never return. Through the effort of Balduran the small harbour town had the protection needed against pirates, bandits, and organized evil to grow into a prosperous city which they named after the walls Balduran invested in: Baldur's Gate.

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There are also many unnamed taverns.

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Many unnamed general stores that sell weapons and potions.



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