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Badon's Ghost is one of two ghosts encountered in the Ruined Temple dungeon of the Temple Ruins Forest area during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

Amaunator be blessed! After so long, finally we have visitors from the sun-caressed world! Please, good <MAN/WOMAN>... we beg you for aid! We plead to you in the name of the light!

— Badon's Ghost


Badon and Dettseh are Fighters who served the prophetess Amuana, but they failed her. Now they are doomed to roam the temple as ghosts unless she is put to rest. Until then, they are virtually indestructible.

"I do not believe you, spirits! I will destroy you!"

"If only that were possible...I would accept the release from my long duty gratefully. But it is not possible. We were servants to the beloved Amuana, her guardians and protectors... and we failed our task. Until our lady is at peace, we cannot and will not leave her."

Both ghost are immune to non-magical weapons. Even with magical weapons, they are 100% resistant to magic, poison, and all forms of elemental, magical, and physical damage.


If asked, "Who is this Amuana and why is she not at peace?" Badon and Dettseh explain.

"Amuana was the young prophetess of our people, Child of Light and servant to our lord Amaunator... Once, long ago, this was a place of darkness and vile creatures that spilled into this world from the blackness. Amaunator invaded this place, brought his light to it and drove away the shadows! The Yellow God set up temples here... and wards to keep the darkness forever at bay. Once there were priests who shouted his names to the heavens and kept the wards strong! But our Amaunator has lost his power over the ages. The Keeper of the Sun is no longer worshiped as he once was... and the wards began to weaken."

"Amuana was born to our people a child prophetess... the Child of Light who would fight against the darkness that was once more beginning to spill into these lands. But it was too late... too late. The wards were destroyed, and the shadows crept over the temples and murdered us all. A Shade Lord now rules, here, and even a vile Shadow Dragon stalks these halls. Amuana was overwhelmed by the Shade Lord. We could... could not protect her as he took her body and... threw her bones to his dark wolves... They gnaw on her remains, good <MAN/WOMAN>... the shadow wolves defile her with their teeth and saliva. We... we failed our task."

"Please, I beg of you... retrieve Amuana's bones from the wolves... save her from the contempt of the Shade Lord! Bring the bones to us so that at last she may be at peace!"

Amuana's Bones[]

If asked, "Why should I help you?"

"We have nothing to offer you. No gold or silver, nothing that the living would desire... we possess nothing but our lost duty... But our beloved Amuana may be able to assist you. We know that the shadows once again rule, here... the magic of the Child of Light may yet help you from beyond the veil."

If choosing, "I have no time to offer you aid, spirits."

"But our Child of the Light may possess the power to aid you against the darkness! And we cannot call her without her bones! You will have to pass the dread guardian, the Shadow Dragon... and without the aid of Amuana, how will you do this? Please, we beg you! Help us! Help Amuana!"

Once Amuana's Bones are brought to them, the ghost of Amuana appears.

"My bones have been retrieved from the jaws of the shadow wolves. I am grateful to you. Badon and Dettseh have been relieved of their duty and crossed over... I will join them soon. I pray that you are in this place to strike a blow against the darkness that has engulfed it, a darkness that I had not power enough to defeat when I was among the living. But I have some power. I have power enough to elude the attention of their guardians, if necessary, and I can give this to you. A wardstone... carry it and the dreaded Shadow Dragon will not notice your passing. Do not attack the beast or otherwise draw its attention, and you shall be safe. Safe enough, at least, to stand against that foul Shade Lord that has spread his hand over my once-glorious temple. I... will go, now, to rejoin my Keeper of the Eternal Sun. I owe my freedom to you, and will always be thankful. Live, my friends... live long and live well. May the Light be forever victorious."

Afterwards, the party receives 17,750 XP, the Shadow Dragon Wardstone, and the player's Journal is updated under "Investigate the deaths in the Umar Hills."

"After the disappearance of the two spirits, Amuana appeared and rewarded me with a wardstone that she claims will render whoever holds it and all with them invisible to the Shade Lord's guardian...which she says to be a Shadow Dragon. She warned me to be careful not to drop the stone or attack the dragon and I would be safe, then thanked me and disappeared."


  • Neither of the two ghosts carry weapons or any other items, so they have no effective attack. If they are somehow killed, they are worth 4,000 XP each. Badon has no gold or random treasure, but Dettseh has 250gp.

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