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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
Back to Brynnlaw is a quest mod for Baldur's Gate II and the Enhanced Edition.


This mod allows you to return to the pirate island or Brynnlaw (where Spellhold is located), in Chapter 6.

The asylum is back under the control of the Cowled Wizards, and the pirate town under new leadership. A rogue Cowled Wizard (Roslin) contacts you in Athkatla with a proposal to travel there together, to try to restore both your and his apprentice's soul...

Reuses the existing Brynnlaw and Spellhold areas from Chapter 4 (minus the maze beneath Spellhold) but fills them with new characters and mini-quests.

Has extensive content for Imoen, so she is recommended but not required to accompany the party.

How to start the new content[]

Talk to the "Mysterious Figure" near the Adventurer Mart in Waukeen's Promenade in Chapter 6. This starts the quest that leads you to Brynnlaw.

For the side-quests in Brynnlaw, see the walkthrough in the mod's README.

Crossmod content[]

Xan BG2 NPC has extensive crossmod content with this mod.

Known Mod incompatibility[]

If the player installs the Tactics Mod, or the Tactics for BG2EE mod and specifically the "Lich in the Docks" component - this may interfere with the necessary Cowled Wizard meeting with Roslin. The issue is that the meeting takes place in an area that is modified by the two tactics mods, which can foul up the scripts to generate Roslin within the same area. Unfortunately, just using the console to produce Roslin won't fix that, as Roslin must initiate the dialogue, and that won't work if the player just uses the Create Creature command.

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External links[]

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