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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

This is a walkthrough for the quest content added by the BG1 NPC Project mod.




  • Enter the Firewine Bridge area with Coran in your party. After a short while, he initiates conversation to tell you he saw a lovely woman to the east and wants to look for her. Agree to do so, or else the quest ends.
  • The ghost woman Amelia(4200.2100) initiates conversation on the right side of the bridge, near the dungeon entrance. She claims that she took an oath to give a rose to her betrothed Natan, but cannot fulfill it because he went missing in the nearby dungeons which she cannot enter – so she wants you to do it for her.
    Even though her story seems suspect upon further questioning, Coran is smitten and insists on helping her. There are multiple ways you can approach this:
  • PATH 1: Do Amelia's task.
  • Tell her that you'll do it, and she hands you the "Withered Roses"[1] with instructions to get them restored at a temple first.
    • ALTERNATIVE: say that you don't believe her or refuse to help her. Coran leaves the party, accepts the roses, and starts the task by himself. You can then rejoin with him(1500.1600) at the Beregost Temple area, and continue this quest path from there.
  • Travel to the Beregost Temple area, and talk to priestess Rashel who walks around outdoors, in or near the main building's courtyard.
    She restores the roses for 200 gp (or for free if you tell her it's for a good deed), turning them into "Red Roses"[2].
    She also offers to bless Coran for an extra 100 gp; whether you accept this bonus offer has only a miniscule effect[3] on the quest.
  • Enter the Firewine Ruins dungeon. Natan(2000.1700) initiates dialog near the bottom-right entrance. The presence of the red roses forces him to give you the "Multicolored Powders"[4] for Amelia against his will. He insists that Amelia is evil, but he can't resist her and runs off to be with her.
    Coran may[5] also immediately run to Amelia, or he may be able to resist the urge for up to two more hours.
  • Exit the dungeon and face Amelia at the Firewine Bridge again. You lose control of Coran, as both he and Natan are now fully under Amelia's spell. It turns out she's not a ghost, but a succubus. Talk to her, and she demands you hand over the powders:
    • CHOICE: Give her the powders without negotiating.
      She teleports away and takes the two thieves with her – which means you lose Coran forever. You receive 6,400 XP and a magic amulet[6]
    • CHOICE: Give her the powders in exchange for information.
      If your protagonist hasn't yet learned about his or her true nature (which will be revealed as part of the game's main plot), you can ask her for "the truth" and then bargain the powders for this knowledge. She only gives you a vague answer, teleports away, and takes the two thieves with her – which means you lose Coran forever. You receive 6,400 XP, but no item reward.
    • CHOICE: Give her the powders in exchange for the hostages.
      She teleports away, while Coran and Natan stay and regain control of their senses. You receive 6,400 XP and a magic amulet[6].
    • CHOICE: Kiss her.
      If your protagonist is male, you can ask her for "the truth", then suggest "a bit of a reward", and then accept her offer to kiss. Your protagonist dies instantly, ending the game.
    • CHOICE: Fight her.
      Threaten to kill her, and she attacks – along with Coran and Natan. Defeat her (5,000 + 1,400 XP), and Coran turns friendly again and rejoins the party (assuming he survived). You can loot Amelia's body for her magic ring[7].
  • If you saved Natan, talk to him again. You learn that the dungeon was deliberately warded against Amelia, so that she wouldn't get the powders that would allow he planar travel, and that Amelia magically enslaved him using the roses.
    If you demand a reward, you receive 4 potions[8] and 100 XP; otherwise you receive 1,000 XP.
  • PATH 2: Do Natan's task.
  • Tell Amelia that you don't believe her, or simply refuse her task. Coran leaves the party to attempt her task alone. (Don't worry, you can get him back after the quest.)
    Alternatively, lie that you'll do her task to prevent Coran from leaving.
  • Enter the Firewine Ruins dungeon. Natan(2000.1700) initiates dialog near the bottom-right entrance. Tell him that you've met Amelia, and he explains how she magically enslaved him using the roses, and optionally, that the dungeon was deliberately warded against her so that she wouldn't get powders which allow he planar travel.
    He wants you to kill Amelia – agree to do so.
    • ALTERNATIVE: If instead you tell him he must die, he turns hostile. After defeating him, you can loot the "Multicolored Powders"[4] off his body, and use them to negotiate with Amelia as in the path 1 ending (see above).
  • Talk to Amelia at the Firewine Bridge again, and tell her she must die. She turns hostile; Defeat her (5,000 + 1,400 XP), and make sure to loot her body for her magic ring[7].
    • ALTERNATIVE: If instead you double-cross Nate by telling Amelia about him, she gives you a new task: To kill Nate and retrieve the powders he carries. See the previous "Alternative" note for how this plays out.
  • Return to Natan in the dungeon. He initiates conversation, takes Amelia's ring, and thanks you.
    If you demand a reward, you receive 4 potions[9] and 100 XP; otherwise you receive 1,000 XP.


"Dynaheir's Missing Journal"[]

  • ...


"Traveling Librarians"[]

BG1 NPC Project mod MyrCutio screenshot

Garrick faces Myr'Cutio

  • Enter the Nashkel Carnival area with Garrick in your party, and wait or walk around until the librarian Archibald approaches you.[10]
    Be polite to him, and he gives a book[11] to Garrick.
  • Shortly afterwards[12], Garrick interjects to tell you that the book mentions a famous ghost bard in the Ulcaster ruins.
  • Travel to the Ulcaster outdoors map, and approach the ghost bard Myr'Cutio on the center-left rock platform (900.1600).
    • He initiates conversation, converses with Garrick, and asks to be "put to rest".
    • He then attacks you with his four zombie minions. Defeat him, and loot his stuff.


"Shadows in Cloakwood"[]

  • Travel to the First Cloakwood with Jaheira in your party, and talk to Aldeth Sashenstar by the cabin to complete the base-game encounter "Aldeth and Seniyad". Choose a solution that keeps the druids alive (i.e. side with the druids, or insist on a solution without bloodshed).
  • Afterwards, the archdruid Seniyad asks Jaheira for a favor. He wants your party to rescue his agent Maretha whom he sent to infiltrate a nearby shadow druid enclave – as well as Beador, who went after her.
    There are two ways to do this:
  • Violent path:
  • OPTIONAL: In the Third Cloakwood, enter the upper level of the tree house and talk to the shadow-archdruid Amarande. He reaveals that Maretha has been discovered, and is being held prisoner by Andarthe. Then he attacks you, forcing you to kill him.
  • Travel to the Fourth Cloakwood, and find Beador(500.3600) lying on the ground, getting beaten up by some shadow druids. He shouts for you to rescure Maretha at the treehouse. Fight off the hostile shadow druids surrounding him:
    • POSSIBILITY 1: You succeed in saving Beador. Jaheira then automatically heals him, and he tells you that Maretha is being tortured by Andarthe at the treehouse. You get 500 XP.
    • POSSIBILITY 2: Beador dies in the battle. Jaheira is sad, but the quest continues.
  • Return to the Third Cloakwood. Andarthe, the second shadow-archdruid, now stands outside the treehouse and initiates dialog on sight before attacking. Defeat him and his minions.
  • Enter the treehouse. Maretha is now found on the ground floor; Talk to her to rescue her. You get 2,000 XP and +1 reputation.
  • Non-violent path:
  • ...


  • ...


Seasnake encounter[]

  • The "sea elf" Jozzi Seasnake initiates conversation there, and tells you about her friend being tortured by sahuagin. Even though she seems suspect upon forther questioning, Kivan wants to help her.
    • CHOICE: Agree to help her.
      She takes your party to the shipwreck on the left side of the map via cutscene. There, you have to fight some sahuagin to rescue the real sea elf Keth'sim. Afterwards, if they survived, Jozzi and Keth'sim have some emotional dialog and leave. You can then loot a magic throwing dagger[16] from the shipwreck that wasn't there before.
    • CHOICE: Refuse to help her.
      There is 50% chance that Kivan leaves the party to go with her (in which case the quest ends and Kivan is gone forever), and a 50% chance that Kivan merely expresses regret but stays with you. In the latter case, head over to the shipwreck on the left side of the map to get ambushed by Jozzi and 6 sahuagin.

Bounty hunter encounter[]

  • In chapter 5+, cross the Baldur's Gate Bridge with Kivan in your party.
    Just to the left of the bridge, a bounty hunter named Imanel Silversword(300.1000) initiates dialog. It turns out she is in league with Tazok and was involved in the murder of Kivan's wife. Now she's come to kill Kivan.
    • CHOICE: Side with Kivan.
      Imanel attacks you with her pack of wolves. Defeat her, and you can loot "Kivan's Bow" from her body, which she had taken from his wife.
    • CHOICE: Side with Imanel.
      Kivan turns hostile; once he is dead, Imanel leaves satisfied. You get no reward.


"A strange gnome"[]

  • Walk through the top-left map portion of South Baldur's Gate (chapter 5+) with Tiax in your party, and the gnome priest Belgin(1100.500) initiates dialog. He explains that he tutored Tiax before Tiax went missing (and insane), and is now being falsely accused of murdering Tiax.
    • CHOICE: Offer to help him.
      He promises 1000 gp if you clear his name, directs you to the bounty hunters that are after him, and tells you where he'll wait for you.
    • CHOICE: Blackmail him.
      He gives you 500 gp right now for your silence, and promises 2000 gp if you additionally clear his name. He directs you to the bounty hunters that are after him, and tells you where he'll wait for you.
    • CHOICE: Send him away.
      This ends the quest, as he is now gone forever.
  • Travel to Southeast Baldur's Gate, and enter the second floor of the Blade and Stars tavern, where the party of bounty hunters is staying. Their leader Karris initiates dialog.
    • CHOICE: Convince them that Belgin is innocent.
      If Tiax is in the party, tell them that he is the supposed murder victim. They realize that Belgin is innocent, and give up their hunt for him.
    • CHOICE: Fight them.
      If you threaten the bounty hunters, they turn hostile. Defeat them. (They only have minor loot).
    • CHOICE: Reveal Belgin's location to them.
      They give you 1500 gp in exchange for everything you know, and the quest ends as Belgin is now gone forever.
  • Unless you ended the quest, Tiax initiates dialog as you exit the tavern and claims he had a vision from Cyric that Belgin must die.
    (TIMER WARNING: If seven days have passed after this vision and you haven't yet confronted Belgin, Tiax leaves the party forever.)
  • Travel to Northwest Baldur's Gate, and enter the Helm and Cloak tavern where Belgin initiates dialog again.
    • CHOICE: Let him live.
      If you convinced the bounty hunters to stop hunting him, Belgin pays you the agreed-upon reward (1000 or 2000 gp). If instead you killed the bounty hunters, Belgin is unhappy, but also pays up if you insist. If you then let Belgin go, Tiax angrily leaves the party forever.
    • CHOICE: Kill him.
      Optionally collect a reward from Belgin (see previous choice); then tell him you're here to kill him. Defeat him and collect his remaining money from his body (2000 gp minus what he already paid you as a reward). Your party suffers -1 reputation, and Tiax is happy.


  • ...


  • ...


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