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The BALOR.ITM is an undroppable item in the main hand weapon slot of certain Balor creatures found in Watcher's Keep and the Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.

The weapon is a magical and +4 Enchanted item regarding what it can strike.

A successful hit inflicts 2d6 Slashing damage, with speed factor of 0, and a reach of 1.

Each hit has a 15% probability of exposing the target to a Kill target effect. There is no saving throw. If the effect triggers, an on-screen text string reads "Vorpal Hit". This effect also is coded with a "Chunked Death" type. This permanently destroys the target from revival or Resurrection magics. Turning off "Gore" settings in the game options will bypass this death type.

The item has no other abilities or powers.