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Azuredge is an enchanted throwing axe +3 which returns to the hand of the wielder, and it can be used in melee combat as well. The weapon deals 1d6 points of damage and it has no bonus to THAC0, but the weapon deals 1d6 +4 points of damage to the undead, who must make saving throw with a -4 penalty or be destroyed instantly. This enchantment is similar to the enchantment the Mace of Disruption has, though it cannot be upgraded to protect against Level drain.


Sold exclusively by Bernard in his improved store. [1]


Azuredge Axe +3:

Gulen Rockfire, Slayer of Undead, crafted this powerful throwing axe expressly for reinforcing his claim to his namesake. Blessed by a cross-section of gods, this weapon does phenomenal damage against creatures unwisely rebelling against their deceased status, and can potentially destroy them in a single blow. Obviously Gulen no longer carries Azuredge, and it is rumored that he died fighting a powerful vampire years ago, only to rise as one himself. This may have softened his stance regarding the undead, at the very least prompting a change of name.

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  1. The quest Free Hendak and the slaves can be handled in different ways, that result in the improved store (BERNARD2.STO) opening up. See Bernard#Wares for details.