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Azamantes will spawn when the Spirit Key is inserted in the southern pedestal in Watcher's Keep Final Seal. Azamantes is a powerful Lich and will be accompanied by three Flaming Skull creatures.


All liches, including Azamantes, are naturally immune to non-magical weapons and spells of level one through five.

Most Liches can Detect Invisibility by script.

Liches are immune to Poison damage, Cold damage and Electricity damage. In addition, Azamantes has other Elemental damage and Physical damage resistances. See the InfoBox for values.

For immunities to status effects, see the InfoBox for a break down.

Azamantes is protected from Backstab.

Azamantes has an innate 95% Magic resistance, which cannot be dispelled. It can however be temporarily reduced by a select few 6th level or higher spells or some items which lower magic resistance.


The lich and three Flaming Skull allies will rise from the floor in various locations and initiate hostile actions. Azamantes initially applies the following spells (can't be interrupted): Lich Fear aura, Stoneskin, Improved Mantle, and Mirror Image.

If any enemies are within detection range, then two additional forcecast spells are also applied including Protection From Fire (wizard) and Globe of Invulnerability.

If any hostile summoned creatures are detected, a forcecast Death Spell is directed towards it.

Azamantes is able to cast any of the memorized spells shown in the infoBox. Some other spells are also available that are not listed in his spell book (by script).

In the basic and unmodded EE game, the spell choices of this creature is somewhat predetermined by script. The AI for the lich is unable to recognize any protections in place by the party. And even so, the lich is not scripted try and remove or dispel any of those protections at all.

Azamantes is mainly focused on offensive spell casting rather than any mage-chess dueling. Expect a Time Stop, Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, Sunfire, Disintegrate and those kind of spell casts.

Azamantes may attempt to summon an Efreeti and or a Glabrezu (Shadows of Amn) fiend to assist him in battle.

An Imprisonment spell can be attempted as well, but it has a specific triggered threshold that may not be met to do so.

A second spell contingency is prepared to get up a series of additional protection for the lich if required. A prepared Spell Trigger can be instantly released.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
  • Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod and the "Gameplay Tweaks" component moves the Robe of Vecna to Watcher's Keep. It is now worn by Azamantes, who gains all of the Robe's passive bonuses.
  • SCS changes Azamantes to a Level 33 Mage (and the kit is randomly assigned at install, such as Invoker or Necromancer). No stats or other innate abilities are changed. Spell selection will differ, however.
  • Installation of SCS's "Smarter Mages" Component will make noticeable changes to this creature's casting spell choices and Artificial Intelligence. It improves targeting and use of sequencers, triggers, contingencies and pre-casting protective spells. Overall, the lich will be more of a challenge.

The lich will apply a battery of instantly cast spells to include: Spell Trap, Mirror Image, Shadow Door, Energy Blades (wizard), Fireshield (Red) (or Mesthil's Acid Sheath with the SR mod), Spell Immunity Divination (or Dispelling Screen with SR), Shield (spell), Protection From Magic Energy, Stoneskin, Improved Mantle (or Mind Blank with SR), Non-Detection, and Invisible Stalker (spell).

Depending on the game difficulty selection, the lich will use mage High-level class ability spell casts including Improved Alacrity, Dragon's Breath (spell), Comet and Summon Dark Planetar.

The lich has prepared Minor Sequencer, Spell Sequencer and Spell Trigger ready to deploy instantly.

Expect a Time Stop, Wish, and Gate spells.

Azamantes can attempt to remove party protections (as it can recognize them) with Spell Thrust, Breach, Ruby Ray of Reversal, Khelben's Warding Whip, and Spellstrike.

  • If the SCS "More Consistent Breach" component is installed, then a Breach Spell can affect a lich unlike in the unmodded game. However, SCS allows blocking Breach with spell protections like Spell Turning, Spell Deflection or Spell Trap. Even improved Invisibility will stop being targeted by many ranged attacks, including Breach. SCS Liches always put up at least one spell protection (if they are able to do so) at the beginning of hostilities.

Installation of the Spell Revisions mod will change the lich's spell book to the SR versions. This Mod is compatible and designed to work with SCS.