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I weep for my children. Their hate sustains this place, though they would intend otherwise. Had they not thought of me at all, I would have perished, and soon after, so would they.

Avatar of Amaunator - portrait from the PPE Mod

The Avatar of Amaunator can be found inside the Temple of the Forgotten God. It will coalesce from the mists only after banishing the Empathic Manifestation. The Avatar of the forgotten god will advance your questline as part of the Investigate and Destroy the Cult of the Eyeless.

When spoken to, it reveals that it is prevented from leaving the temple and the Empathic Manifestation has been killing the incorporeal form of the avatar repeatedly, and although slain for the moment, it too will reform in time. Calling the manifestation a fell deity for having more power than it, having become the object of its legions of followers worship, feeding the creature's creation with their loathing and pathos. Though the Diseased Ones outside the temple are only a few, bound to serve the place untill the end of time, being reincarnated into a guardianship they have come to despise, tasked by a forgotten god they now have only hatred for, in their perpetual torment.

The avatar tells Gorion's Ward, that it senses the Cult of the Eyeless intends to murder them, after bringing them what they seek. The Rift Device created by a creator race, said to be so destructive that it was cursed by the gods, broken into two parts and buried deep within the earth, never to be used again. Musing that the reassembled device will have power enough to destroy the Unseeing Eye, one is given the first part, although the device's power has waned over time, and even further after using it to defeat the beast, one is cautioned to use it only once and that if the device should be taken above ground, it will still spell certain doom.

After returning with the diminished device to the Lower Reaches, one gathers with the Diseased Ones inside the temple, led by Sunlord of the Third House Agru Tindul, who with encouragement calls upon their god, which empowers the avatar in the presence of the worshippers to finally destroy the device, releasing them to be joined in the Keep of the Eternal Sun.