Athkatla Docks is an area in Athkatla in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. It is one of the seven districts of the city.

The most notable place in the Athkatla Docks is the Shadow Thieves Guild, the main base for the Shadow Thieves. Two returning Tales of the Sword Coast characters can be found: Xzar and Edwin. Xzar wants the player character to help him free Montaron from the Harpers, though he cannot be recruited. Edwin can be found in Mae'Var's Guild, and unlike Xzar he can be recruited.

Guild War[edit | edit source]

In chapter 3, there is a guild war going on between the Shadow Thieves who are led by Aran Linvail, and the Vampires from the Athkatla Graveyard who are led by Bodhi. The player must side with one of these belligerents and defeat the other's leader. Every night there are ambushes going on in the streets and the player would try to kill the opponent of the side they are on.

In earlier chapters you may witness these fights and choose to pick a side, but they do not result into a definitive choice until chapter 3.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Buildings and stalls[edit | edit source]

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Stalls[edit | edit source]

  • Fovem's Shop
  • Ikert's Shop
  • Jahaboam's Store

Related quests[edit | edit source]

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