Baldur's Gate Wiki

Ashen is a rich merchant from Waterdeep who's here in the Sword Coast on business. You will find him south of the Song of the Morning Temple. He will approach you and initiate a conversation.

Not to be rude, but will you stand a bit back from me? By all the gods, I shall be glad to be back in Waterdeep come the new tenday.

Ashen finds the Sword Coast distasteful, dirty, and offensive to his aristocratic sensibilities. The only reason he remains is out of fear of bandits. No matter what response you choose, he will end the conversation contemptuously and disappear, never to be seen again.

Business, to be sure! I take no pleasure in being in these backwater towns. If not for the bandits, I would have been back amidst my silks some days ago! My corgis are going to be worried sick. Sick, I tell you! What would you know of it? You people around here are animals! You live in filth, bandits everywhere, and not a decent bathhouse to be found!
What do I NOT find displeasing?! Aesthetically, the air is absolutely THICK with manual labor. If this is what the land is like with most of its miners out of work, I could not imagine it in full swing. I simply MUST get out of here. If not for the bandits, I would be on the FIRST caravan out of town. Curse this merchants' trade! Father must wish me dead to inflict this upon me! Away from me! I need my air.
How typical of the savages I have met here. Rude as can be, and personal hygiene that would choke the stoutest ox. I could not relieve myself of your presence fast enough.
I doubt you would find MY circles to your taste. Not nearly enough mongrel people wandering about smelling up the place. No, you stick to your environment, and I shall gladly retreat to mine.