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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

This is a walkthrough for the quest content added by the BG1+BG2 mod Ascalon's Questpack.

These quests can be started independently of each other.

Baldur's Gate[]

The Magnificent Karlini[]

  • At the Friendly Arm Inn, talk to the gnome mage Ygnatius Bombastus on the main floor.
    He wants you to retrieve the spellbook of the great Karlini, and marks "Ulcaster" on your wordmap.
  • Travel to the Ulcaster ruins, enter the dungeon, and pick up "Karlini's Spellbook"[1] from the ground in the right-most room (2200.1000).
  • Bring the book back to Ygnatius in the Friendly Arm Inn, who pays you 300 gp and eagerly peruses the book for the "great formula".
    If you show an interest, and offer further help, he asks you to meet him in the woods to the west.
  • Travel to Lion's Way (the area west of Friendly Arm Inn), and meet Ygnatius by the stone circles there (2500.1500).
    When you tell him you're ready, he invokes the "great formula" – and disappears, while a Balor gates in and initiates conversation.
  • The balor explains that the formula's purpose is to send him slaves to the abyss.
    Attacking him is futile, and agreeing to walk away simply ends the quest, so instead ask the balor to give the gnomes back. He asks for your soul in exchange. There are 2 options now:
  1. If you don't agree to trade your soul for the gnomes, then the balor leaves and gives you a magic medium shield which protects against all types of gaze attacks and petrification.
  2. If you agree to trade your own soul, but then insist that you and your companions are all scientists, the balor gives you a quiz to prove it. Select the correct answers ("Lathander", "Ogrillon", and "Athkatla")[2], and he spares your soul, summons the gnomes, and leaves. The two gnomes (Karlini and Ygnatius) chide you for interrupting their scientific expedition to the abyss, but nonetheless give you 300 gp and the aforementioned magic shield before leaving.

A Job Well-Paid[]

(a.k.a. "Raukner's Ruffian Roughnecks")
  • In Beregost, talk to Agnus & co. who stand in the streets in the northern part of town.
  • Calculate how much gold they had in the beginning.
  • 600xp is your reward.


(a.k.a. "The Quest for Jumper" + "A New Best Friend for Ugh")
  • In the Area South of Beregost, talk to the little girl Kessy on the road in the center-right part of the map (3700.2300).
    She's crying because she lost her pet rabbit "Jumper". Agree to find it.
  • Walk over to the left side of the map (1100.2200), and talk to the non-hostile ogre Ugh there. He has a rabbit he calls Little-Ugh.
    If you tell him that this is actually Jumper, and promise to find another solution to his loneliness, he gives you the animal.
  • Bring Jumper back to Kessy. You get 300 XP.
    As she leaves, you can ask her where to buy such a pet, and she directs you to her dad at the carnival.
  • Travel to the Nashkel Carnival, and talk to the "Rabbit Breeder" in the bottom-left part of the map (1400.3600). He sells you a pet rabbit[3] for 10 gp.

Of Wolves and Men[]

  • At High Hedge, talk to Aiwell just outside the wizard's tower.
  • ...

A Feast for the Gnolls[]

Ascalon's Quest Pack mod ghost in cloudpeaks screenshot
(a.k.a. "A Failed Picnic" / "A Ghost in the Cloudpeaks")
  • In Nashkel, Talk to Mrs. Brunnstein. She is outside of the Belching Dragon Tavern. She has lost her son Aaron, who went on a picnic with his fiancée Marina and they never came back. She prompts the party to talk to ranger Barin at the temple, who led a team of farmers searching for the couple in the mountains, and they found Marina's body slain by monsters near a waterfall. The team didn't dare follow the tracks though. The ranger should be able to tell us more details.
  • Ranger Barin inside the Nashkel temple will inform the party that Aaron and Marina were attacked at the waterfall in the Cloupeak mountains, and they suspect that gnolls did it. Marina was killed, but Aaron was taken to the west, as the tracks showed. He will also tell them that a ghostly figure can be seen there at night.
  • Travel to the Dryad Falls and you will see the ghost of Marina at night in front of the waterfall at the south side of the map. Speak to the ghost - if there's a Cleric in the party have Turn Undead off. Some memories come back to her. She wanted to sleep, but Aaron had a surprise for her, and she promised to stay awake until he gave it to her. But the monsters attacked! Everything turned black... When she woke up she felt weird, but she knew she had to wait for Aaron. She cannot go to sleep until she gets the surprise.
  • Go to the Gnoll Stronghold, west of the Dryad Falls. Aaron Brunnstein can be found down the pit at the southwest corner of the stronghold, all the way to the west and down some stairs. The party must fight their way there. He asks the party to free him, but he also has another request. He would like to have his ring back, which was taken by the gnolls. His ring can be found inside the stronghold, too, kept by some gnoll bodyguards and their chieftain, who have Oils of Speed to drink and some more loot than the regular ones. They are at the northwest part of the fortress, up some stairs and to the right. It is Aaron's Ring of Protection, a Ring of Protection +1 anyone can wear (except Wizard Slayers, of course), which he intended to give to his fiancée as a surprise. The party can either give it to him, for which Aaron feels very grateful, or keep it as a reward, which Aaron finds fair. He then asks them to meet him at the other side of the bridge and disappears. When the party meets him there, at the east edge of the map, they can either choose to tell him to wait a bit longer until they finish whatever they want to do first, or to travel back to Nashkel — the party and Aaron get teleported in front of his mother.
  • Back at Nashkel, Mrs. Brunnstein is very happy to see her son again. But Aaron is still sad about Marina. And if the party tells him about her ghost, he asks them to give his ring to her apparition (so he gives them the ring in case they had given it to him). He wouldn't bear to face her in her current state. The party gets 1,200 XP for bringing Aaron safe back to Nashkel. Mrs. Brunnstein also offers them her mother's Silver Necklace, the most valuable thing she has, which the party can refuse or accept. She also says that they will be near the mill in the furure, before she and her son leave. [The party can also choose to respond in a way that will make Aaron and his mother turn hostile, but they won't attack.]
  • Travel to Dryad Falls to meet Marina's ghost again by the waterfall at night. Give her the ring and she will be freed! Aaron's ring will disappear along with the apparition, and a Pearl can be found on the ground. The party gains 1,200 XP.
  • OPTIONAL: Aaron will be standing near the mill at the east side of Nashkel. Talk to him and he will thank you for setting Marina's spirit to rest.

The Serpents of Abbathor[]

(a.k.a. "A Dead Dwarf and a Message" / "A Mysterious Dwarf in Beregost" / ...)
  • In the Nashkel Mines, where the game's main plot takes you in chapter 2, loot the letter[4] from the dead dwarf in Mulahey's lair at the bottom of the mines.
    It mentions a nighttime meeting in Beregost.
  • Visit the Beregost town square (by the big pillar) at night[5], to meet Tarash Blackhelmet there.
    Correctly answer his greeting with "And all jewels to the Serpent"[6], and he believes that you are an emissary of Mulahey come to form an alliance with his cult, the "Serpents of Abbathor".
    It doesn't matter whether you keep up the ruse or end up fighting him – either way, you learn[7] that his cult has some violence planned on the Coast Way.
  • Travel to the Coast Way (the area north of Beregost), to witness the dwarf Bashrik Sparklehammer and his companion being ambushed and assassinated.
    You cannot save them, but you can pick up Bashrik's journal[8] afterwards. His warhammer can also be found among other stuff, which is pretty good (same properties as the Ashideena).
  • ...

The Lost Son[]

(a.k.a. "The Quest for Perwell")
  • When the party enters the First Cloakwood, Aphriel addresses them. She is an elf ranger who is looking for her son Perwell. Bandits have kidnapped him and they keep him in the Iron Throne's base in the forest, demanding a ransom. Agree to help her and she says that you'll meet again at the Friendly Arm Inn when you've found out anything.
  • Perwell can be found in the second level of the Cloakwood Mine, locked inside the cells at the north side (ahead of where the party enters) together with some slaves. Once he is freed he says that he doesn't know his way back home through the dangerous forest, and asks the party to take him with them. He will follow along unless the party goes into some cave. If you agree to do that, Perwell leaves for the surface and says he'll be waiting in the inner yard until you finish whatever you have to do.
  • After getting out of the mine, the party will find Perwell waiting outside of the barracks. They have two options now: they can either take him along with them to his mother, or they can tell him to sit and wait there and they'll get his mother to come pick him up.
  • If they take him with them, Perwell will slowly follow the party and run away from any danger. Once they reach the Friendly Arm Inn, Aphriel will be waiting for them and she will be very glad he's rescued. She will offer her longbow as a reward, which the party can accept or refuse — this bow has the same properties as The Dead Shot. Then she will leave happy with her son, and the party will get 1,200 XP.
  • If the party leaves Perwell to wait in the Cloakwood Mines, once they reach the Friendly Arm Inn and find Aphriel again, they have three choices:
  1. They can tell her where her son is so she can go get him. Aphriel leaves.
  2. They can choose to blackmail her for her son's location. Aphriel offers her longbow as payment. The party will lose one point of reputation for this deal. If after taking the bow they tell her that it's not enough and demand more, Aphriel will get hostile and attack them, and the party will lose one more point of reputation.
  3. They can tell her that they're going to bring Perwell to her.

A Home for the Gibberlings[]

(a.k.a. "Breeding Gibberlings in Baldur's Gate")
  • In Central Baldur's Gate, talk to Geraldo the Magnificent(1300.3100) who stands at the bottom part of the map, south of the gate in the city walls. He will tell you that he is a great painter who got fascinated by the blue color of Gibberlings' skin, and got ahold of a couple of them in his house in Baldur's Gate in order to find a way to extract the color and use it in his art. But the creatures started reproducing rapidly and they became a problem. Gerald managed to flee his house and magically lock it with the Gibberlings inside. You have three options: Either tell him that you're not interested, tell him that you're going to report this to the authorities, or tell him that you're going to help.
  • Tell him that you'll help and he gives you the key to his house in order to go and kill about 20 Gibberlings, as he estimates. His house(4100.2800) is in the same map, on the southeast corner. When you go inside you'll be attacked by two Mutated Gibberlings, but there are no more to be found in the house. Make sure to grab their furs from the floor after they have been killed, and go back to talk to Geraldo again.
  • Obviously the majority of the gibberlings have escaped, and Geraldo will tell you that they are probably hiding underground, in basements or in the sewers, within the city limits. He will pay you 50 gold for each one of their furs that you bring to him, and once they are all killed he will reward you with a magical item. You will need some help in order to find them though...
  • Geraldo will keep up his promise to pay 50 gp for each of their furs, and when all of them have been given to him he will also gift the party a magical studded leather armor and depart. The Gibberling Leather Armor: AC 4, +10% missile resistance, -3 Charisma, the character turns blue, and it can only be removed by a Remove Curse spell.


  • Their autograph can be acquired when the party meets them at the south east part of Fire Leaf Forest. Bring it to the girls and they will be excited! The party will get 300 XP.

Baldur's Gate II[]

A Halfling among the Eyeless[]

  • ...


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