Arcana Archives is a shop in Saradush and Amkethran with one merchant: Lazarus Librarus. In Saradush, it is available only after retrieving Lazarus's Spellbook.

Saradush Arcana ArchivesEdit

Item icon Item name Stock Selling price (rep =3) Selling price (rep =8-14) Selling price (rep =20)
Scroll of Protection From Acid Icon Protection From Acid 2
Scroll of Protection From Cold Icon Protection From Cold 2
Scroll of Protection From Electricity Icon Protection From Electricity 2
Scroll of Protection From Fire Icon Protection From Fire 2
Scroll of Protection From Poison Icon Protection From Poison 2
Scroll of Protection From Undead Icon Protection From Undead 2
Burning hands icon Burning Hands 2
Charm Person Icon Scroll Charm Person 2
Color Spray Icon Scroll Color Spray 2
Shocking Grasp Icon Scroll Shocking Grasp 2
Larloch's Minor Drain Icon Scroll Larloch's Minor Drain 2
Shield Icon Scroll Shield 2
Magic Missile Icon Scroll Magic Missile 2
Chill Touch Icon Scroll Chill Touch 2
Chromatic Orb Icon Scroll Chromatic Orb 2
Identify Icon Scroll Identify 1
Infravision Icon Scroll Infravision 2
Reflected Image Icon Scroll Reflected Image 2
Spook Icon Scroll Spook 2
Blindness Icon Scroll Blindness 2
Protection From Evil Icon Scroll Protection From Evil 2
Armor spell icon Armor 2
Grease Icon Scroll Grease 2
Find Familiar Icon Scroll Find Familiar 2
Friends Icon Scroll Friends 2
Knock Icon Spell Knock 2
Strength Icon Scroll Strength 2
Vocalize Icon Scroll Vocalize 2
Ghoul Touch Icon Scroll Ghoul Touch 2
Horror Icon Spell Horror 2
Know Alignment Icon Scroll Know Alignment 2
Detect Invisibility Icon Scroll Detect Invisibility 2
Detect Evil Icon Scroll Detect Evil 2
Agannazar's Scorcher Icon Scroll Agannazar's Scorcher 4
Web Icon Scroll Web 2
Stinking Cloud Icon Scroll Stinking Cloud 2
Blur Icon Scroll Blur 2
Deafness Icon Scroll Deafness 2
Invisibility Icon Scroll Invisibility 2
Mirror Image Icon Scroll Mirror Image 2
Resist Fear Icon Scroll Resist Fear 2
Power Word, Sleep Icon Scroll Power Word, Sleep 2
Melf's Acid Arrow Icon Scroll Melf's Acid Arrow 2
Glitterdust Icon Scroll Glitterdust 2
Ray of Enfeeblement Icon Scroll Ray of Enfeeblement 2
Luck Icon Scroll Luck 2
Haste Icon Scroll Haste 2
Dire Charm Icon Scroll Dire Charm 2
Slow Icon Scroll Slow 2
Skull Trap Icon Scroll Skull Trap 2
Hold Undead Icon Scroll Hold Undead 2
Vampiric Touch Icon Scroll Vampiric Touch 2
Detect Illusion Icon Scroll Detect Illusion 2
Clairvoyance Icon Scroll Clairvoyance 2
Melf's Minute Meteors Icon Scroll Melf's Minute Meteors 2
Lightning Bolt Icon Scroll Lightning Bolt 2
Fireball Icon Scroll Fireball 2
Invisibility, 10' Radius Icon Scroll Invisibility, 10' Radius 2
Spell Thrust Icon Scroll Spell Thrust 2
Protection From Normal Missiles Icon Scroll Protection From Normal Missiles 2
Minor Spell Deflection Icon Scroll Minor Spell Deflection 2
Remove Magic Icon Scroll Remove Magic 2
Non-Detection Icon Scroll Non-Detection 2
Protection From Cold Icon Scroll Protection From Cold 2
Protection From Fire Icon Scroll Protection From Fire 2
Dispel Magic Icon Scroll Dispel Magic 2
Ghost Armor Icon Scroll Ghost Armor 2
Monster Summoning I Icon Scroll Monster Summoning I 2
Flame Arrow Icon Scroll Flame Arrow 2
Hold Person Icon Scroll Hold Person 2
Otiluke's Resilient Sphere Icon Scroll Otiluke's Resilient Sphere 2
Polymorph Other Icon Scroll Polymorph Other 2
Polymorph Self Icon Scroll Polymorph Self 2
Teleport Field Icon Scroll Teleport Field 2
Wizard Eye Icon Scroll Wizard Eye 2
Contagion Icon Scroll Contagion 2
Spirit Armor Icon Scroll Spirit Armor 2
Farsight Icon Scroll Farsight 2
Minor Sequencer Icon Scroll Minor Sequencer 2
Ice Storm Icon Scroll Ice Storm 2
Fireshield (Red) Icon Scroll Fireshield (Red) 2
Fireshield (Blue) Icon Scroll Fireshield (Blue) 2
Stoneskin Icon Scroll Stoneskin 2
Improved Invisibility Icon Scroll Improved Invisibility 2
Minor Globe of Invulnerability Icon Scroll Minor Globe of Invulnerability 2
Remove Curse Icon Scroll Remove Curse 2
Secret Word Icon Scroll Secret Word 2
Monster Summoning II Icon Scroll Monster Summoning II 2
Spider Spawn Icon Spell Spider Spawn 2
Confusion Icon Scroll Confusion 2
Greater Malison Icon Scroll Greater Malison 2
Emotion-Hopelessness Icon Scroll Emotion: Hopelessness 2
Enchanted Weapon Icon Scroll Enchanted Weapon 2
Animate Dead Icon Scroll Animate Dead 2
Oracle Icon Scroll Oracle 2
Phantom Blade Icon Scroll Phantom Blade 2
Cloudkill Icon Scroll Cloudkill 2
Cone of Cold Icon Scroll Cone of Cold 2
Sunfire Icon Scroll Sunfire 2
Shadow Door Icon Scroll Shadow Door 2
Breach Icon Spell Breach 2
Lower Resistance Icon Scroll Lower Resistance 2
Minor Spell Turning Icon Scroll Minor Spell Turning 2
Spell Immunity Icon Scroll Spell Immunity 2
Spell Shield Icon Scroll Spell Shield 2
Protection From Acid Icon Scroll Protection From Acid 2
Protection From Electricity Icon Scroll Protection From Electricity 2
Protection From Normal Weapons Icon Scroll Protection From Normal Weapons 2
Conjure Lesser Air Elemental Icon Scroll Conjure Lesser Air Elemental 2
Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental Icon Scroll Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental 2
Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental Icon Scroll Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental 2
Monster Summoning III Icon Scroll Monster Summoning III 2
Hold Monster Icon Scroll Hold Monster 2
Chaos Icon Scroll Chaos 2
Domination Icon Scroll Domination 2
Feeblemind Icon Scroll Feeblemind 2
Disintegrate Icon Spell Disintegrate 2
Flesh to Stone Icon Scroll Flesh to Stone 2
Stone to Flesh Icon Scroll Stone To Flesh 2
Tenser's Transformation Icon Spell Tenser's Transformation 2
Improved Haste Icon Scroll Improved Haste 2
Death Spell Icon Spell Death Spell 2
True Sight Icon Scroll True Sight 2
Chain Lightning Icon Scroll Chain Lightning 2
Contingency Icon Scroll Contingency 2
Death Fog Icon Scroll Death Fog 2
Mislead Icon Scroll Mislead 2
Spell Deflection Icon Spell Spell Deflection 2
Globe of Invulnerability Icon Spell Globe of Invulnerability 2
Pierce Magic Icon Scroll Pierce Magic 2
Protection From Magic Energy Icon Scroll Protection From Magic Energy 2
Protection From Magical Weapons Icon Scroll Protection From Magical Weapons 2
Invisible Stalker Icon Scroll Invisible Stalker 2
Summon Nishruu Icon Scroll Summon Nishruu 2
Carrion Summons Icon Scroll Carrion Summons 2
Wyvern Call Icon Scroll Wyvern Call 2
Conjure Air Elemental Icon Scroll Conjure Air Elemental 2
Conjure Earth Elemental Icon Scroll Conjure Earth Elemental 2
Conjure Fire Elemental Icon Scroll Conjure Fire Elemental 2
Power Word, Silence Icon Scroll Power Word, Silence 2
Sphere of Chaos Icon Scroll Sphere of Chaos 2
Ruby Ray of Reversal Icon Scroll Ruby Ray of Reversal 2
Control Undead Icon Scroll Control Undead 2
Finger of Death Icon Scroll Finger of Death 2
Mordenkainen's Sword Icon Scroll Mordenkainen's Sword 2
Delayed Blast Fireball Icon Scroll Delayed Blast Fireball 2
Spell Sequencer Icon Scroll Spell Sequencer 2
Project Image Icon Scroll Project Image 2
Mass Invisibility Icon Scroll Mass Invisibility 2
Protection From The Elements Icon Scroll Protection From The Elements 2
Spell Turning Icon Scroll Spell Turning 2
Khelben's Warding Whip Icon Scroll Khelben's Warding Whip 2
Mantle Icon Scroll Mantle 2
Limited Wish Icon Scroll Limited Wish 2
Cacofiend Icon Scroll Cacofiend 2
Power Word, Stun Icon Scroll Power Word, Stun 2
Summon Djinni Icon Scroll Summon Djinni 2
Summon Efreeti Icon Scroll Summon Efreeti 2
Summon Hakeashar Icon Scroll Summon Hakeashar 2
Prismatic Spray Icon Scroll Prismatic Spray 2
Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting Icon Scroll Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting 2
Bigby's Clenched Fist Icon Scroll Bigby's Clenched Fist 2
Incendiary Cloud Icon Scroll Incendiary Cloud 2
Spell Trigger Icon Scroll Spell Trigger 2
Simulacrum Icon Scroll Simulacrum 2
Pierce Shield Icon Scroll Pierce Shield 2
Improved Mantle Icon Scroll Improved Mantle 2
Protection From Energy Icon Scroll Protection From Energy 2
Power Word, Blind Icon Scroll Power Word, Blind 2
Maze Icon Scroll Maze 2
Summon Fiend Icon Scroll Summon Fiend 2
Symbol, Fear Icon Scroll Symbol, Fear 2
Symbol, Death Icon Scroll Symbol, Death 2
Symbol, Stun Icon Scroll Symbol, Stun 2
Shapechange Icon Scroll Shapechange 2
Time Stop Icon Scroll Time Stop 2
Energy Drain Icon Scroll Energy Drain 2
Wail of the Banshee Icon Scroll Wail of the Banshee 2
Black Blade of Disaster Icon Scroll Black Blade of Disaster 2
Chain Contingency Icon Scroll Chain Contingency 2
Meteor Swarm Icon Spell Meteor Swarm 2
Spellstrike Icon Scroll Spellstrike 2
Absolute Immunity Icon Scroll Absolute Immunity 2
Freedom Icon Scroll Freedom 2
Imprisonment Icon Scroll Imprisonment 2
Gate Icon Scroll Gate 2
Bigby's Crushing Hand Icon Scroll Bigby's Crushing Hand 2
Wish Icon Scroll Wish 1
Lesser Restoration Icon Scroll Priest Restoration 3
Knave's Robe 4
Traveller's robe 4
Adventurer's Robe 3
Robe of the Good Archmagi item icon BG2 Robe of the Good Archmagi 1
Robe of the Neutral Archmagi item icon BG2 Robe of the Neutral Archmagi 1
Robe of the Evil Archmagi item icon BG2 Robe of the Evil Archmagi 1
Mage Robe of Cold Resistance 3
Mage Robe of Fire Resistance 3
Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance 3
Potion of Fire Resistance 8
Potion of Hill Giant Strength 4
Potion of Frost Giant Strength item icon BG2 Potion of Frost Giant Strength 3
Potion of Fire Giant Strength item icon BG2 Potion of Fire Giant Strength 2
Potion of Cloud Giant Strength item icon BG2 Potion of Cloud Giant Strength 1
Potion of Healing item icon BG2 Potion of Healing unlimited
Potion of Heroism item icon BG2 Potion of Heroism 8
Potion of Invisibility item icon BG2 Potion of Invisibility 9
Oil of Speed 7
Elixir of Health 7
Potion of Agility item icon BG2 Potion of Agility 7
Antidote item icon BG2 Antidote unlimited
Potion of Cold Resistance 9
Potion of Insulation 8
Potion of Master Thievery item icon BG2 Potion of Master Thievery 7
Potion of Perception 5
Potion of Regeneration 5
Potion of Strength item icon BG2 Potion of Strength 4
Potion of Freedom 6
Potion of Extra Healing item icon BG2 Potion of Extra Healing 20
Potion of Superior Healing item icon BG2 Potion of Superior Healing 5
Potion Case item icon BG2 Potion Case 1
Scroll Case item icon BG2 Scroll Case 1
Bag of Holding item icon BG2 Bag of Holding 1
Ring of Fire Resistance 1
Boots of Speed item icon BG2 Boots of Speed 1
Golden Ioun Stone item icon BG2 Golden Ioun Stone 1