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Aranthis is encountered in the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze when traveling through a portal to the Watcher's Keep – Tieflings (AR3005) area.


This astral war dog (which uses some aspects of the Moon Dog creature) is summoned automatically by the Tiefling (Mage) when the party is detected in the area.

The dog will most likely be able to initiate the Moon Dog Sight ability, similar to a True Sight spell. It might be able to produce some Mirror Images of itself as well and turn Improved Invisible (which also has a built-in Non-Detection effect).

If the dog detects a Tiefling companion injured at 50%, or poisoned, or blinded, it can race over and perform a "Healing Lick". The ability will heal some damage and cure some status effects as well.

In combat the creature bites and inflicts 3d4 Piercing damage plus 1 with its strength modifier, and the weapon attacks as a +4 enchanted item.

The dog is under a permanent normal Haste effect, and even so still only manages two attacks per round.

The beast is immune to several status effects as noted on the InfoBox.

Although the dog is summoned, it isn't subject to the banishment ability of the Death Spell.