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Aran Linvail's Hideout is a secret area that serves as the base of operations for the leader of the Athkatla Shadow Thieves, Aran Linvail. The hideout is located in the Athkatla Docks district and is accessible from inside the Shadow Thief Guildhall, as well as from the outside of the guildhall after you first enter it from the guildhall.

Gaining access to this hideout is possible by one of two ways:

  • joining up with Bodhi and her vampires and killing Gaelan Bayle to gain possession of the key.

Guild Personnel involved[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
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Layout (side w/ Aran)[]

When you first enter the hideout from the guildhall, you will travel down a staircase that opens to a dining area filled with tables, crates, and baskets. Here you will meet the shadow thieves Cuchul and Mitsu along with Linvail's girlfriend Tassa. There are two doorways at either end of the room and a secret entrance that's located across the room almost opposite from a short hallway that leads to the streets. A third doorway is found along the wall of the room just to the left of the hallway entry point.

The southern doorway leads to the torture chamber where the dwarf Booter is busy "working" on a prisoner. The doorway along the wall leads to a room where prisoners are kept. The northern doorway opens to another short hallway the "T's" to yet another short hallway. To the left is the coat check room where Missy the coat check girl is waiting to take your coat. To the right is the beginning of the training area that's located within the hideout.

The training area is comprised of several different types of setups, all designed to keep shadow thieves in tip-top shape for their respective tasks that they are required to perform for the guild. The sergeant Pelanna, Mistress of the Run, is busy with a trainee in the area that resembles a city location and several other thieves are also found practicing throughout this whole area. The area with the elongated, rotating, spiked walkways does contain a few traps so beware.

Exploring all of this segment of the hideout will eventually lead you to another room that's filled with creates, tools, and a several more tables. The hallway that parallels this room leads to a secret escape/entrance way that exits to a nondescript location of the Docks District.

Aran Linvail's Lair[]

Traveling through the secret entrance from the main dining area reveals a long hallway the eventually takes a left hand turn. Traveling up a flight of stairs leads to a rusty metal walkway that leads to another doorway and a short hallway beyond that ends at the door that opens to Linvail's bedroom lair. You've now reached the Shadowmaster in all his famed glory.

Layout (side w/ Bodhi)[]

If you have decided to side with Bodhi and her vampire guild, the area remains the same in its general layout. However, the cast of characters you meet will change. Now the hideout is filled with several different types of shadow thieves, along with the fighter Dedral and the mage Haz. The torturer Booter is the only character that is still found in the hideout at this juncture. In the prison room, the turncoat thief Tizzak is found and he will provide the party with some valuable intel on how to access Linvail's now locked bedroom lair. Also, several spawn points located throughout the hideout will spawn mostly orcs and possibly more shadow thieves.

Note: Traps abound in the hideout when you side with Bodhi. Some trigger more shadow thieves (and maybe an Air Elemental as well) to join the fight while others trigger some painful and possibly life ending effects.

Mod Content[]

Installation of the Alternatives Mod allows a different path to Brynnlaw and rescuing Imoen. Perhaps you don't want to side with the Shadow Thieves or Bodhi. This Mod allows you an alternative. If you take the "alternative" and agree to destroy the Shadow Thieves Guild in Athkatla, you will face similar enemies, traps and conflict as if you had sided with Bodhi.

Installation of the Rogue Rebalancing Mod makes some changes to the Hideout, loot, and characters found within.

Sword Coast Stratagems revises the thieves, orcs, mages and guardians within. All weapon wielding humanoids have appropriate weapon proficiencies to match class and levels. All creatures get default SCS smarter AI scripts for more intelligent response and tactical combat decision making behavior. Much backstabbing will occur, so be prepared for that. Haz the mage has the "Smarter Mages" script and will have triggered spell casts and contingency buffs. Aran Linvail is upgraded as well. There may also be guardian Shadow creatures in some areas based on the PC's accrued XP level.