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No shame in running when your life is on the line.

Aoln approaches Gorion's Ward and party when they first take the Coast Way north towards the Friendly Arm Inn area. He is an adventurer, and once had a band of adventurers like the party, but lost them all fighting an ogre mage.

He explains the perils of traveling and some of the basic monsters one may face in the surrounding area. After answering one question he'll leave and disappear.


"If ye don't mind, please try to keep your voices down. There be beasties about with better hearing than we."

1 - You seem quite at home out here. What's the most dangerous thing you've seen?
"The most dangerous thing I intentionally went after? Stalked an ogre mage for a few days once. Had a party of me own back then. Killed the ogre, lost the party. Not really worth the trade, if you ask me. I've seen more dangerous beasties, but usually over my shoulder as I'm making tracks as fast as I can. No shame in running when your life is on the line. Off with you now, I've meat to catch."
2 - What should I be wary of in this area?
" 'Round here? I wouldn't worry yourself too much, unless you're brainless and charge everything you see. Mostly gibberlings, but they aren't too much of a hassle. A fair bow and good sword arm could handle one, maybe two. More with mage or cleric backup. Wolves have become a bit more predatory lately. I think it's because more people are hunting for their food, seein' as how the iron shortage took away their normal livelihoods. A hungry wolf is a nasty thing, and I wouldn't travel without a group if I were you."
3 - Sorry to have disturbed you. I'll be on my way.
"I did not intend for my words to scare you away. They were a simple warning of dangers true, and meant as nothing more. The occasional chat is certainly welcome, but perhaps today is just not the best day for it. The denizens of this wood seem to have grown rather aggressive lately. As gruesome as it sounds, they've probably become accustomed to humanoid meat. Can't really blame them, though. Too many people lost their means to the iron shortage and have turned to the land for sustenance. Monsters and animals must find food somewhere. I'd keep your weapons at the ready as you travel."
4 - Let them hear! I am more than able to handle whatever comes!
"You would do well to know your own limitations. I don't care whether you're a great swords<man/woman> or a powerful wizard. Regardless you will end up filleted in the noonday sun if you do not take proper care. Move along, will you? You may be intent on digging an early grave, but I've no wish to share it with you."