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Anti-Paladin is a githyanki paladin with a Blackguard kit found in the Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition game saga. One is encountered in Baldur's Gate II Chapter 6 as part of the Silver Blade recovery attempt headed by Kruin.

More are encountered in the Watcher's Keep Githyanki Encampment.

In the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal original game versions, the Anti-Paladins have no kit assigned because the Blackguard wasn't developed until the Enhanced Edition.


These paladin class warriors are plate mail clad and wield two-handed Unholy Reaver swords in melee combat. These blades have the ability to apply a Dispel Magic effect on the target with 50% probability with any successful hit. The dispel function works regardless of the defender's spell effects casting level. Good-aligned targets also receive +5 Magical damage on any hit from this blade.

During combat with the Blackguard the creature is scripted to attempt any of the innate abilities and spells listed on the InfoBox. This includes the Psionic Ability Psionic Maze.

The script has various conditions and evaluation criteria used as to when it will or won't use a particular spell. Most of these abilities are on a timed delay function between uses. The longer the Anti-Paladin survives in a fight, the more chances it has to apply these abilities.

When severely damaged the creature will use its Potion of Extra Healing. It will also quaff the Potion of Invisibility on certain circumstances.

Note that the AI controlled creatures in the game do not have to follow the same class limitations that the player does, so these Anti-Paladins have better weapon proficiencies assigned.