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Anti-Magic Ray is a devastating attack coming from the central eye of a Hive Mother. Player characters cannot acquire it.

It is more destructive than the Anti-Magic Rays of other Beholders, but demands a longer concentration time. Beholders don't really have to "cast" their eye attacks and cannot be interrupted though.


All effects are level 0:

  • Cure Feeblemindedness
  • Cure Deafness
  • Destroy target if it is an illusory creature
  • Dispel all dispellable effects regardless of level
  • Target suffers 100% casting failure for 5 rounds affecting arcane, divine and innate magic
  • Remove all Spell protections level 9[1] and below
  • If a wizard is the target, they lose one memorized spell of the highest level available
  • Drains charges from equipped items, and items in all quick item slots. Items which have a finite number of charges and which don't recharge with rest may be destroyed from this, especially if hit with multiple Anti-Magic Rays from the Hive Mother.

Mod Content[]

Installation of Sword Coast Stratagems reworks and changes the Hive Mother's Anti-Magic Ray (SPIN550.SPL) slightly, mostly improving the implementation of the Opcode order and providing a means for other beholders to detect when a target has been affected by this Ray. This version only has a 1 round duration, but it also prevents use of any quick item slots or access to any spell selection during that time. Additionally, the target is provided with 110% Magic Resistance during that round as well. The item charge depletion is also 5 per exposure to the ray.

The SCS Hive Mother's version of Anti-Magic ray will take down a Protection From Magic scroll's effects and remove it from any creature protected by it. If Icewind Dale spells are being used, it will also remove the Anti-magic shell spell.

With the Spell Revisions mod (with or without SCS), the ray also dispels Minor Globe of Invulnerability and Globe of Invulnerability.


  1. Level 10 wizard abilities count as level 9