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Anti-Magic Ray is a devastating attack fired as a beholder blast projectile ray from the central eye of most Beholders. Player characters cannot acquire it.

Hive Mothers have a more powerful, but slightly slower firing blast ray


All effects are level 0:

Defending Against the Anti-Magic Ray[]

  • Stay out of range of the Eye beam
  • Remain untargettable through stealth, sanctuary or invisibility.
  • Spell level protections such as Globe of Invulnerability, Spell Deflection, Spell Trap won't work against the ray.
  • Spell Immunity - Abjuration will not work against this ray.
  • Potions and Scrolls that can't be dispelled can survive the Anti-Magic Ray.
  • Spell Shield will block the ray without breaking.


Mod Content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod will rework and rewrite the Anti-Magic Ray (SPIN992.SPL) in a different way. The ray still removes all dispellable effects upon the target, and prevents casting any spells, as well as temporarily disabling some quick item buttons associated with spell selection, item use etc. The target also is granted a set 110% magic resistance, and other Opcodes are assigned so that a Beholder will recognize when you have been affected by this ray (thus not wasting any attacks on you while it is still active). The duration of the effects has been changed to one round. Now the Anti-Magic Ray matches up better with the 2nd Edition D&D description, and makes the target have no magic upon them, and unable to be affected by magic as well, for 1 round.

SCS Hive Mother beholders have a more potent Anti-Magic Ray (SPIN550.SPL). It does all the effects of the more common version, however it also drains 1 spell from memory, and drains charges from equipped items and items in the quick item slots, such as wands. Items that do not recharge with a rest period may be destroyed, as the charge draining is 5 per anti-magic ray exposure.

SCS or Spell Revisions, or both, will change Spell Shield to block one instance of the anti-magic ray, and then be consumed. See screen shot below:

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