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Antenos is a human thief and humble servant of Bodhi's Vampire Guild. He is found in the small bedroom that contains an exit to the graveyard, if you've decided to join up with Bodhi in your quest to find Imoen. Besides some dialogue, he has nothing else to offer and if killed, he doesn't even give any XP.


"Ooh, you are a fine one. New meat for the larder, I assume. Oh, but perhaps you are the one the mistress spoke of? Are you in her service as a... domestic... or are you muscle?"

1- I do not have time to waste with you, lap dog. I serve with Bodhi, not her lackeys.
"Oh, of course, of course. I did not mean to anger anyone with the mistress's ear. I am her most humble servant, and yours as well if you will it."
"Do try to keep in mind though, that should your... position... change, it will be I that has your comfort to grant or rescind. I care for those that serve in a less grandiose manner than you currently do."
1a- I mean you no trouble. I am here to fulfill a duty, and then I shall go.
"Ahh, but that is what we all think at some time or another. It is funny how the fates slip a bag over your head and take you away on occasion. Yes, funny. Good will to you. I shall see you later."
1b- Can the other servants not take care of themselves? I question their worth if not.
"Ahh, but with some their service is more intangible, and requires less effort from them. Not the lot in life they might have expected, but never does one know what to expect."
1c- Yes, yes, ill tidings for the future. I do not plan to be here that long.
"Ahh, but that is what we all think....
2- I am in her service for some special task. What is your role, if I might ask?
"Oh, so polite in your manner. I trust you do not conceal an edge behind your words? One can never be sure. The mistress does tend to find... interesting associates. I am her servant, and yours if you wish."
3- Muscle, I assume. What of it?
"Nothing, nothing, I meant no offense. Far be it from me to anger one with the mistress's ear. I am her humble servant in all things, and I am yours as well if you wish it."