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Announcer is an employee that warms up and introduces the audience to the spectacle of the fighting pit match in the back area of the Copper Coronet.

If I may have your attention once again, gentlefolk of Athkatla! Lehtinan is proud to provide for your amusement once again! Bring your attention to the pit as we see two combatants fighting for their very lives!

— Announcer


When the party is ushered into the fighting pit viewing platform by Frankie, then soon after the Announcer will initiate his dialogue.

Certain party companions including Aerie, Anomen and Minsc will have interjections about this fighting pit spectacle.

A cut scene will play between a prisoner dwarf with only a dagger pitted against a Troll. The dwarf will cry out how unfair this whole inhumane process is and ask why he should have to fight.

The Announcer shouts back "You will fight because you are a slave and you have been told to fight! Refuse and be devoured for the amusement of our guests!"

Harming him counts as attacking an innocent, so expect up a -10 Reputation loss if the Announcer is killed, plus initiating hostilities in the tavern.

This announcer will depart the map later in the saga.


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