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Annalynn, a courtesan working in the Pleasure Tent - talk with her for extra role play - PPE Mod portrait

Annalynn is a courtesan in the Pleasure Tent southwest of the city wall around Trademeet.

A pleasure to meet a socially acceptable person such as yourself.

Attempting to talk to Annalyn before Wilfred the Red leaves the tent results in:

"Hmph.  Sorry, my <LADY/LORD>... my time is currently purchased up by the boor who claims to have killed a dragon over there.  All he does is tell me his stupid story over and OVER.  (sigh)"

After Wilfred leaves, she reveals:

"Well, it's about time that moron finally left.  He's given me such a headache all I want to do is sleep.  I'm taking some time off of this racket."

"You know, that Wilfred guy wasn't all that bad.  At least he tipped good when I pretended to be interested.  I'm thinking of taking a vacation in Waterdeep, maybe."