Ankheg Plate Mail is a rare type of body armor crafted from the shell of an Ankheg and as a result is bright green.

In some versions of the games it counts as a magical item and therefore can't be worn together with rings and amulets of protection



Free ankheg armor

A free set of the armor in Nashkel

Baldur's Gate GTRBPSK Icon BG1
This icon indicates content from the original Baldur's Gate campaign.
he will charge 4,000Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1 for him to craft the shell into armor. Come back about 10 days later to collect your shiny new armor. In
Baldur's Gate LOGOBG00001 Icon SoD
This icon indicates content from the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition campaign.
it costs 4,000Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1 to craft the armor in 3 days, or 6,000Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1 to have it ready in 1 day. Regardless of game versions or how fast you want the armor made, Taerom will only craft 1 piece of Ankheg armor for your party; afterwards he will only buy Ankheg shells for 500Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1

SoD Edit

Onoroth in Bloodbark Grove has one Ankheg Plate Mail for sale.


To obtain this armor in Shadows of Amn, bring a shell to Cromwell in the Athkatla Dock District. He will charge you 5,000Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1 to make the armor and you need to help him for a day. You can do this more than once.


This plate mail has been expertly crafted. Sheathed in the chitinous scales of the ankheg, it provides a greater degree of protection than traditional plate mail and is not susceptible to rust. As any world-weary adventurer will tell you, however, the best appreciated aspect of ankheg mail is its light weight and low encumbrance. Monsters come and go, but fatigue is a constant enemy.


  • Ankheg armor is as strong as Full Plate Armor, but as light as Studded Leather Armor. It is one of the best suits of armor available to druids in the original Baldur's Gate. Its low strength requirement of 8 also allows weaker companions like Viconia to wear it and gain decent protection. Its low weight of 25lb makes it a good back-up armor for Fighter / Mages and cleric / mages to keep in their inventory and put on once they have exhausted their arcane spells, in order to survive better in melee.
  • In the Original saga (not EE), you cannot wear protection items (ring, cloak) with ankheg plate mail. So the full plate armor is a better choice if you also want use protection rings for their armor bonus and saving throws.


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