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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
Angelo NPC mod portrait

The Angelo NPC for Baldur's Gate II mod by Sister Vigilante adds Angelo Dosan, the minor BG1 character, to BG2 as a joinable NPC.

He comes with two personal quests.
This is a walkthrough for that quest content.

How to get him to join[]

He stands in the Graveyard District of Athkatla (outdoors, near the northern exit). Talk to him.

QUEST: Bounty Hunters[]

  • Asgurz ambushes you as soon as you take Angelo to another district of Athkatla (i.e. other than the Graveyard District where you found him).
  • The Blackwater brothers ambush you in the Windspear Hills (outdoors, outside the dungeon entrance; only after the previous ambush).
  • Desmond Merzer & party ambush you in the Athkatla Docks (only after the previous ambush).

QUEST: When The Last Sword is Sheathed[]

"Angelo in Trouble, Again"[]

  • Amarant arrests Angelo outdoors in Athkatla, 60+ minutes of real time[1] after the last encounter of the "Bounty Hunters" quest.

"An Old Friend?"[]

  • Enter the prison building in the Government District, and talk to the Prison Guard.
    Sawara, an old acquaintance who has already secured Angelo's release, interjects and invites you to his home.
    Angelo, who rejoins your party, warns you that Sawara is a powerful member of an organized crime family from Kara-Tur.
Angelo NPC mod Sawaris home screenshot

Angelo in Sawara's home

  • Go to the Bridge District, and talk to the White Fox near the central arch. It brings you into Sawara's home.
    Sawara awaits you here with two underlings, Hayate and Suu.
    He welcomes you, and lets you look around – but Angelo is suspicious of his motives.
    • WARNING: If you pick up "Sawara's Finger Joint" or "Suu's Diary" from the chests in the bedroom, Sawara and his underlings turn hostile, which cuts the quest short. You can safely loot everything else, though.
  • SIDE QUEST: Gaining Suu's favor
    • Talk to Suu and keep prodding her about her relationship to Sawara and what it would take to buy her loyalty, and she finally asks for two Star Sapphires.
    • If your protagonist is a male with 15+ charisma, you can call her "my lady" to win her over without the gems.
    • Otherwise, if you don't have any star sapphires but want to get some, you can leave and re-enter Sawara's home by talking to the fox.
      These gems are found in various places throughout the game. Or just get them using the cheat console:
      C:CreateItem("MISC41", 2)
    • When you have two star sapphires, come back to give them to Suu, and she promises to "take your side" when the time comes.
      This will affect the conclusion of the quest, as well as the ToB portion.
  • Talk to Sawara again. He is reluctant to tell you about his true purpose for being here, and first wants you to perform a job as a drug runner for him.
    He gives you a "Bag of Lotus" to deliver to a customer.
    • WARNING: If you give the lotus to anyone but Pierre before getting Pierre's money, Sawara considers this a betrayal and the quest is cut short.
  • Leave Sawara's home (by talking to the fox), and go to the top-most floor of Delosar's Inn in the same district. Talk to Pierre there.
    Either sell him the lotus (-1 reputation and lose the lotus), or convince him to get clean (no downsides).
    Either way, he pays you the agreed-upon 4000 gp.

"The Sword"[]

  • Return to Sawara (same way as before, via the white fox).
    He reveals that he came to Athkatla to retrieve a sacred artifact of Kara-Tur – a sword.
    He asks you to waylay Selene, the art dealer currently in possession of the sword.
  • Go to the Government District.
    Outdoors, left of the Deril Estate, you see the dead bodies of Selene & co. – and near them, their killer, Oliver. Oliver attacks you on sight, so kill him.
    Pick up the katana "The Soul of the Deep" from Oliver's corpse, and about 15 seconds later you are automatically teleported back to Sawara's home.
  • Sawara reveals his mad plan to become god-emperor, for which he needs Angelo to carry the sacred sword back to Kara-Tur.
    Angelo refuses.
    You have two options for concluding the quest:
    • Agree to give Sawara the sword.
      He throws 8000 gp at you, and leaves disappointed together with his underlings Hayate and Suu.
    • Loot Sawara's home, and leave it (for good) by talking to the fox.
      This concludes the quest.
    • Refuse to give Sawara the sword. He attacks you together with his underling(s). This is a difficult battle:
      1. Sawara  (level 22 mage with multiple Time Stops and nasty special powers)
      2. Hayate  (level 17 fighter)
      3. Suu  (level 16 thief) – unless you completed her side-quest earlier
    • Defeat them.
    • If you completed Suu's side-quest earlier, she stays out of the fight, and you can talk to her afterwards. She thanks you, because she can now take Sawara's place in the crime family, and leaves.
    • Loot Sawara's home (and be sure to pick up "Sawara's Finger Joint" from the bedroom, which has a use in the ToB portion).
    • Then leave using the "Planar Gem" found on Sawara's corpse.
    • After 5+ minutes, Ginpachi – a government representative from Kara-Tur – approaches you outdoors and demands that you hand the sword over. You have two options:
      1. If you agree, you get 5000 gp, 50,000 exp, +1 reputation, and the quest concludes.
      2. If you refuse, you get to keep the sword (which pleases Angelo) and the quest continues in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.

QUEST: When The Last Sword is Sheathed – ToB addendum[]

"Suu's Warning"[]

    1. Killed Sawara during the SoA portion.
    2. Completed Suu's side-quest and left her alive, during the SoA portion.
  • Find Suu in the tavern in Saradush.
    She needs "Sawara's Finger Joint"[2] in order to be accepted by her clan.
    (You found this item in Sawara's home during the SoA part.)
    In return, she warns you about the ninja assassin hunting you.

Ninja ambush[]

  • When you enter the Fire Giant Temple, you are ambushed by Ginpachi and have a difficult battle on your hands:
    1. Ginpachi  (level 13/15 mage/thief multiclass)
    2. Lady Kaede  (level 13 monk)
    3. Two Master Ninjas  (level 25 thieves)


  1. Time while the game is running, regardless of pause/rest/etc.
  2. Item code ADFINGER