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My last breaths are of rage

Andorian is a minotaur found battling a Myconid King and two Myconids, surrounded by his fallen comrades in a small earthen cave, accessed from northeren part of the Sewers of the Athkatla Slums.

As Andorian is either killed by the myconids, or dies by script after they are defeated, little is known about the minotaur's background. Although Brent Knowles, one of the Baldur's Gate 2 game designers later revealed, that it was a D&D character of one of his friends, which was added when populating the game.[1]

Despite having 100 maximum hp, Andorian will only have 10 hp when the player enters the room, which means almost any damaging area of effect spell can be used to finish him off inside the fog of war, before the Myconids get him, for 3000XP.

Mod Content[]

Installing the The Minotaur and Lilarcor mod adds some content to Andorian if you speak with him. This is just a short mod with a few extra features to flesh out the Sewers.