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Anath is the Werewolf leader of a pack of wolves in the Temple Ruins area that has fallen under the fell magics of the Shade Lord.

You will not steal my vengeance!


She is first encountered outside the entrance to the Wolf Cave in werewolf form. Upon entering the cave you'll find her standing near the rear of the cave in human form and she will initiate dialogue when the first member of the party comes into sight.

Man-things! Curse you, and curse the world! Can a wolf not enjoy her last meal in peace?

You have the option to attack her twice within the conversation path or hear her out and then decide to help or attack. Should you decide to help her attempt to defeat the Shade Lord, she will tell the party to meet her in the temple that's located to the east of the cave then revert back to a werewolf and exit the cave.

Meet me in the temple to the east of this den. Be wary of the shadows that lurk there. Make sure you are prepared before you enter it.

However, when the party approaches the temple entrance, she will shout to Gorion's Ward that it's a trap and advise them to use the nearby mirror to gather what little light is available (to kill the attacking Shadows) and for the party to avenge her pack. She is then killed by some unseen source.

<Gorion's Ward>, it's a trap! Use the mirror... to the left of the crystal there... to gather what light is left and avenge my pack!

In the originalShadows of Amn LOADCNTR00004 Icon SoAShadows of Amn (2000)
Content from the original Baldur's Gate II campaign Shadows of Amn
SoA, Anath is immune to all weapons except those of made of cold iron.


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