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An Errand for Fuller, also known as Fuller's Bolts,[1][2] is a side quest during the Prologue of Baldur's Gate.

Fuller is recovering from last night's mead-fest in the barracks. After a little pestering, he agreed to give me a little bit of change if I fetch crossbow bolts from the innkeeper, Winthrop.

— Journal: An Errand for Fuller[3]


Fuller (Prologue) BG1EE

Inside the barracks in Candlekeep, one finds Fuller, lamenting about last "mead-filled night" and that "Hull is just too much."[4] Mentioning Hull's sword will let Fuller point to the former's chest on the right, but one could also ask if Fuller "had any errands" himself one "could run."[5]

Fuller then mentions that he's in need of crossbow bolts and asks to get him "some off Winthrop at the inn," promising reimbursement and a small reward.[6]

As Winthrop has a monopoly on crossbow bolts during the Prologue and the Candlekeep Inn is, due to other quests, a destination anyway, a stack of them can be purchased from the innkeeper and delivered back to Fuller. If it happens that bolts already were bought, another errand to the inn is unnecessary and Fuller can directly be addressed again.

Note: Any bolts will do – and even a single one suffices – though normally the inn is the only source for them at this stage of the game. If the bolts are inside a container (also not normal now), only one single bolt is taken; if they are loose in inventory or equipped, a whole stack will be removed. First will be chosen from the quivers (left to right), then from the personal items (top left, bottom left, top next to left, etc.), from containers last.

The promised reward depends on how Fuller reacts to the person giving him the bolts, see below. Experience yields the errand in any case, though an extra "reimbursement" – as promised as well – isn't given.


The exact reward and the final journal entry depend on Fuller's reaction to the character who returns the bolts.

Reaction 14 or lower
Fuller gave me a lousy 10 gold for running his errands. I bet I'd get at least 15 for being an errand runner in Baldur's Gate!

— Journal: An Errand for Fuller (Finished)[7]

Reaction 15 or higher
Fuller was in a generous mood today. After I fetched the bolts from Winthrop, he gave me his dad's old dagger. It killed a hobgoblin in a single blow once... if Fuller isn't just pulling my leg again, that is.

— Journal: An Errand for Fuller (Finished)[8]


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