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For the glory of Amn!

These particular Amnian Soldiers are found stationed in Waukeen's Promenade, the Government District and at the City Gates (AMNG2.cre). Four of them accompany Isaea Roenall when he arrests Nalia during her companion quest (ISAMNG1-4.cre).

One will also appear in Waukeen's Promenade near the Irenicus vs. Cowled Wizards battle cutscene following the party's escape from Irenicus's Dungeon (AMNG1.cre).

One soldier is in the Athkatla Slums (SLAMN01.cre). Another two are assigned to the Athkatla City Gates (AMNG2.cre and AESOLD.cre)

In the Athkatla Government district there are many. One has in interaction with a beggar (GGUARD01.cre) and party dialogue.

Amnian soldiers attacked and or killed will impose a severe reputation penalty on the party. Stealing items from the soldiers is possible, but getting caught will also expose the would-be thief to a hostile encounter. This can spiral out of control if the guard calls for help (which they are scripted to do). Beware the repercussions of these actions.

Note:These soldiers are good sources of assorted Random treasure for an enterprising rogue willing to attempt some pick pocketing. Gold, gems, powerful arcane scrolls and other potential finds are possible.


Amnian soldiers are assigned grandmastery in Large Sword, but wield Spears. Not only do they get no bonuses from this, but actually have a THAC0 penalty.

Various Soldiers with dialogue[]

The Amnian soldier that appears in the Promenade is one of only several Soldiers with any significant dialogue. if you speak with him, he'll give you some very limited information on Imoen's possible whereabouts and infer to the illegality of using magic outdoors in the city. Find out more by engaging in discssion with him.

Another Amnian Soldier is stationed in the Athkatla Slums, his post is nearby the Slaver Stockade ship/building. This soldier has some unique dialogue as well, some of it related to Free Hendak and the slaves questline, and the Slavers in general. This guard may be corrupt or taking bribes to "look the other way".

Yet another two Amnian Soldiers are posted at the Athkatla City Gates, as one would expect. Again, there may be some problems with corruption here, or bribery to allow contraband to smuggle into the city, as is shown with a third Amnian Soldier (AESOLD.Cre).

Over in the Athkatla Government distric are many posted soldiers. One soldier (GGUARD01.cre) spots a beggar (GBEGG01.cre) that you may have donated a coin to. This leads to potential dialogue (especially Keldorn Firecam and or Viconia DeVir if they are in the party.


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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems standardizes the weapon proficiencies and fighting styles for the Amnian Soldiers, to match what they are wielding (Spears). They also have SCS Fighter AI scripts included for smarter tactical behavior and improved "Shouts" for help. The soldiers now have 3 pips in Spears and 2 pips in Two-handed weapon fighting style. Additional SCS random treasure is placed in the inventory.