Baldur's Gate Wiki

This group of Amnian Soldiers will appear in the Government District between the hours of 9:30 pm to 5:30 am. They will immediately initiate dialogue with the party upon sight. When the dialogue is finished they will exit the area.

Killing them will not result in reputation loss.


"Halt! Drop your weapons and keep your hands and fingers where I can see them!" (VVAMN2)

"Are you sure that's some of them? Don't look like them." (VVAMN3)

"I ain't taking any chances. You saw what happened to the commander. Look at the way they are equipped. It could be them." (VVAMN2)

"At ease, soldier! I'll not have you running around accosting people on my watch!" (VVAMN1)
"Sir! He was just making sure they were not a threat." (VVAMN3)
"These people are not who we are looking for, I am certain. We'll cause panic if we accuse everyone. You! Have you seen anything suspicious or unnatural lately?" (VVAMN1)
1-"What do you mean? I'm not sure what you are looking for."
"There have been reports of fighting in the streets at night. Something to do with the supposed Shadow Thief guild and a rival."
"If you do see something, just keep your distance. I've already had uninvolved people go missing, and I don't need any more."
"Keep out of the streets at night, citizens. All the decent folk are asleep at these hours anyway."
2-"I don't have to answer your questions. Stop harassing me."
"You are not under investigation at the moment, so there is no cause for an attitude. It is a simple question, and I would appreciate an answer."
3-"Take a walk, cap'n. I've nothing to say."
"You'll not egg me into a fight, fool; I've more important things than you to worry about. I'll not have you distract me from a bloody guild war."