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This Amnian Soldier is found in Waukeen's Promenade standing guard in front of the entrance to the Circus Tent. He'll allow you to enter, after some back and forth conversation, which starts the Investigate the circus tent quest.


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Hold! This tent has been closed off for your own safety, citizen! The circus has been closed until this matter is resolved.

Why? What has occurred here?
We are not exactly sure. There was no problem until a show was scheduled earlier in the morning.
Apparently, the show began well enough... and then something occurred. Nobody has come out of the tent who went in for the show... and everyone we have sent in to investigate has not come out either.
Foul magic is, no doubt, involved here. We are waiting for the Cowled Wizards to arrive. They will be able to solve this, I am sure.
Nobody at all has gotten out?
Well... we have been told that one of the animal trainers darted out after the show began, but we have not been able to find him yet.
Hm. I can handle myself. Perhaps I can solve the problem here for you.
Very well then. I'll not stop you if you wish to risk yourself, citizen. You were warned.

This leads to the following entry in the quest section of your Journal under the title: Investigate the circus tent

Something has occurred in the circus tent in Waukeen's Promenade... No one that goes in comes back out. The guard in front has agreed to allow me to enter to investigate.