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Three of these Amnian Soldiers are found inside the Barracks building that's located in the Docks District. They offer no pertinent information when spoken too and will not interfere with looting of the containers.


They have five dialogue responses for a party with a reputation of 9 or greater and three dialogue responses for party's with a reputation of 8 or less.

Nine or greater:

You don't know drudgery until you've been stuck in the docks barracks for a while, friend. I swear I got put here as a punishment.
This isn't a good part of the city for a guard to be in, you know. The thieves run the docks... everyone knows *that*.
We guards can't even walk around much. Last time, I lost my belt, sword, cloak, and half my armor. In the docks, we pretty much hole up behind these walls.
The captain's on the take from the Shadow Thieves, I swear. The Bloodscalp won't have us interfering in his part of town.
If you're looking for help, you won't find it here. We don't do much in this here barracks except clean... and practice our swords a little.

Eight or less:

Who let you in here? These barracks aren't for people like you to just wander in and around, you know!
Get out of here! I've heard enough of you, and you're lucky I don't place you under arrest! Out!
The barracks is no place for someone like you. Out you go!