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Amnian Soldiers, also known as Amnish Soldiers, are found stationed in the town of Nashkel and ouside and inside of the Nashkel Mines. They will also appear if you try to sleep within the borders of Nashkel, or are caught stealing in Nashkel or Carnival. They can be bribed with 200gp.


AMNIS.cre - patrol Nashkel (×5), found inside of the Garrison (×2)
AMNIS3.cre, AMNIS3A.cre, AMNIS3B.cre - found guarding the outside entrance to the mines
AMNIS4.cre - found on the first (×4) and second (×5) levels of the mine
AMNISE.cre, AMNISE2.cre, AMNISE3.cre, AMNISE4.cre, AMNISE5.cre - appear if caught stealing
AMSLEEP.cre - appears if caught sleeping
HICK.cre - found inside of the Garrison; initiates dialogue


  • ClassicgamesglowlogoonlyBaldur's Gate I & II Classic
    This icon indicates content from all original Baldur's Gate games, extensions included.
    In the original games, Amnish soldiers are handled as being innocents. Only the Enhanced Editions introduce a specific class for them.
  • The creature file HICK.cre is assigned "Flaming Fist" as its class in EE.
  • The soldiers patroling in Nashkel along with those found inside the Garrison (AMNIS.cre) and the one that appears when trying to sleep (AMSLEEP.cre) are given an alignment of Lawful Neutral and the rest are all Lawful Good.
  • The soldier that awakens the party if caught sleeping and the one who approaches the party when they first enter the Garrison in Nashkel (HICK.cre) both have 65 HP instead of 15.