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An Amnian Centurion is a member of the Amnian Military whose sole purpose is keeping the city of Athkatla safe from those that would flaunt the rules of civility and they offer no quarter to those that would make such an attempt.

For crimes against Amn, you are hereby sentenced to death.


Centurions are beefed up versions of the Amnian Legionary (AMNLEG1.cre) creature and are part of the contingent of enforcers that will appear when an individual or party with a low reputation trigger reputation detection zones within the city.

One may also appear if any type of attempted thievery has been observed by the local populus.

They may also make an appearance if you:

The Centurion will always appear as an enemy and killing them will not affect your reputation.

The centurion behaves as a melee fighter that attacks the nearest enemy player character it can detect. That means, it will try and ignore summoned creatures if it can detect a party member.

Mod content[]

Sword Coast Stratagems mod changes very little about this creature or its scripts. Three potions are assigned to the centurion for use to boost abilities or heal itself during a fight.