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Aminah, Hakima with ghostly appearance armed with a magical Shortbow and quiver of enchanted arrows - PPE Mod portrait

Aminah is one of four human Hakima seen in the first chamber of the Tomb of the Unproved. These ghostly appearing figures may be spoken to. Otherwise, they stand impassively on small platforms and coldly stare at your party. Aminah is part of Hexxat's second quest, to obtain the Shroud of the Unproved for her master "L".

Game Play[]

Each Hakima has some dialogue, which will be available if you speak with any of the four.

If through specific dialogue or by attacking the Hakima and initiating hostilities, this Fighter will attempt to engage the party with Shortbow and enchanted arrow fire. This Fighter may initiate her "Called Shot" Archer ability. If engaged in melee, the creature may swap to an enchanted Two-handed Sword, or continue to attempt arrow fire at close range. This Hakima is innately protected from charm effects, poisoning effects, petrification and backstabbing. She can also see invisible creatures and is under a normal haste effect. Although the Hakima appear to be some kind of spirit, they have no undead immunities, and are actually just human creatures. There is a "blur"" effect applied to them for graphic purposes.

Aminah won't move from her spot and will prefer to fire enchanted arrows at any in range.