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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
Amber NPC mod portrait

The Amber NPC mod by Meira & Darios adds Amber, a chaotic good tiefling rogue, to BG2 as a joinable NPC.

She has multiple personal side-quest.
This is a walkthrough for that quest content.

How to get her to join[]

You meet Amber during the mini-quest "A demon in Athkatla?" (see next section).

QUEST: A demon in Athkatla?[]

  • Two children appear outdoors in Athkatla, and talk about "a demon" that was imprisonned in the government district.
  • The jailor needs an official form to release amber, which you can get in the council of the six's building. You can also bribe him to skip this step altogether. The authorisation requires a lot of back and forth between the employees, but is otherwise very easy to obtain.

QUEST: Amber's lost belongings[]

  • After being in your party for a while, Amber initiates dialog and asks for your help to retrieve her lost belongings.
  • Go to the jailor again. He will tell you that he isn't the one who handles the prisoners' belongings. That person is a man named Nick, and can be found at the Sea bounty's tavern, in the docks' district. Nick will sell you Amber's bracer.

QUEST: Amber's Kidnapping[]

Amber NPC mod laboratory screenshot
  • After a while, a group of slavers approaches you while you are travelling with Amber in the party and take her away. You are not given time to remove Amber's equipment before she disappears and you have to deal with several moderately dangerous slavers.
  • If Nalia is in your party, she will suggest looking for the slavers in the Copper Coronet (this might depend on the progression of Free Hendak and the slaves and her personnal questline). Access the Slaver stockade through the Sewers and kill captain Haegan. He will drop a letter from Ymmyrt the evil sorcerer, and a map of the Slums. Go there and use it to travel to Ymmyrt's house.
  • Complete the quest Lorraine's son to free Amber. You might want to recruit another NPC to replace her for the duration of this quest, as it is fairly long.

QUEST: Lorraine's Son[]

  • You meet Lorraine during the quest "Amber's Kidnapping". When you arrive at Ymmyrt's house, she (a ranger) and several easily vanquished guards will attack you.
  • After the fight, Lorraine will explain that Ymmyrt holds her son's soul hostage to force her into obedience, then tell you to meet her in Ymmyrt's laboratory once you have freed her son's soul. Continue into the sorcerer's house. Inside, a dozen guards will be waiting for you. To the right is a room containing an unwary guard and several locked chests (not trapped). Use the wardstone Lorraine gave you to nullify the protective wards on the stairs and go up. There, a demon is standing guard. He is immune to normal and +1 weapons.
  • The southwest corner of this area contains a library filled with books and an imp who can give you some information about its master. The rooms to the north contain some minor loot as well as Ymmyrt's experiment's results. Be careful as the second room contains traps and nymphs. Loot it for the lab key and move on (the stairs are in the topleft corner of Ymmyrt's bedroom).
  • Join Lorraine in the fight against Ymmyrt and his minions. Once it is over, loot the room, then go up the stairs and through the broken window on the leftside wall.
  • Amber will be waiting for you outside... Looks like she didn't need your help after all!

QUEST: Amber kidnapped by Bodhi[]

See The final battle with Bodhi ▸ Resurrecting Your Lover.


- If dismissed, Amber will go to the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge district.