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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Amber NPC mod adds Amber, a chaotic good tiefling rogue, to BG2 as a joinable NPC.

NPC background[]

Initially Amber appears withdrawn, suspicious and restless, as tieflings often do: she never seems to stay in one place for very long and always seems cautious and highly aware of her surroundings. Her natural curiosity is both a blessing and a curse: she has learned a lot because of it but it has never kept her out of trouble.

Being both a prime - she doesn't recall ever having been to Sigil or any other place outside the prime material plane - and a tiefling, she feels as if caught somewhere in between these two worlds. While she can never pass for a normal person, she also lacks the otherworldly grace of a seasoned planewalker, leaving her with a strong feeling of being on the outside wherever she is.

[...] Her unique features include amber-colored irises, cat-like pupils and delicately pointed ears. Her hair is flaming red and her skin of a warm brown—almost copper—hue.

— mod website

NPC dialog[]

  • Interjections
  • Banters with the original Bioware NPCs
  • Romance with a male protagonist with CHA 12+ and INT 12+
  • Friendship path with protagonist
  • Player-initiated conversations/flirts
  • voiced lines and original music

Quest content[]


Two children approached you outdoors in Athkatla, and tell you about "a demon". This starts the mini-quest "A demon in Athkatla?" during which you meet Amber in the Government District and can let her join your party.

Crossmod content[]

The Crossmod Banter Pack adds banters between Amber and the following other mod NPCs:

Auren, Kelsey, Keto, Kivan, Nathaniel, Xan




  1. release history
  2. Only after two children approached you outdoors in Athkatla, and told you about "a demon".