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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The mod description and text below excerpted from the author's (Jastey) readme and mod description. For further details and latest updates, recommend visiting at the mod's hosted web location.

This mod offers two new possibilities to consider when making the decision about whether to side with the Shadow Thieves or with Valen's Mistress. In addition to the traditional two, the player may now opt to side with a group even the paladins in the party could have no objection to... or he may opt to skip the whole decision entirely and set sail for Maztica.

Alternatives also offers a different way to satisfy Mae Var's demand that the protagonist steal an artifact from a temple.

It is nearly impossible for a lawful good character to go through the game and remain completely true to his or her alignment. Siding with thieves is not a very lawful thing to do, nor is allying with undead a particularly good deed. The "Paladin Route" offers a third option, the ability to work for an unimpeachably good organization and eliminate two evils. The "Assassin Route" came about a bit later, as a result of some musing about how a character who has no real interest in either rescuing Imoen or going out of his or her way to take revenge on Irenicus might want to avoid the whole decision entirely and get the hells out of Amn. Jastey never liked the concept of stealing prized artifacts from temples while running errands for Mae Var, so she created a work-around for that, as well. The latter component is also incorporated in Jastey's Ajantis mod, so Ajantis is installed, the "Temple Thievery Alternative" component will not be installed.

Both new options begin after Valen and Brus make their traditional appearances. To begin the "Paladin Route," visit the Government District after speaking with Brus. To begin the "Assassin Route," go to the Slums, where a garishly dressed nobleman by the name of Malficus will make an attractive offer. He is standing outside the Copper Coronet, not far from the road that leads to the southern entrance to the Slums.

Once the protagonist has committed to performing the first task of the "Paladin Route," all other paths are disabled, but it is possible to do two of the three tasks Malficus sets before you and then change sides.

To access the "Temple Thievery Alternative" options, speak to people in the temple about your concerns.

SUGGESTIONS: When one deals with dishonorable people, some treachery and double-dealing is only to be expected. Also, when embarking on a new venture, it is always advisable to tie up loose ends first. Thieves, especially, or those wishing to get to know Renal Bloodscalp a little better or recruit a certain Red Wizard, would be well advised to complete all thieves' guild tasks prior to going to the Five Flagons in or making any final arrangements with Malficus. The quest givers of both routes will warn you when you are approaching the point of no return.

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