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I have many names, many faces, many secrets. Consider yourself lucky, Rasaad. You have wrested a truth from me.

— Alorgoth

The Dark Moon Monk Collus Darathon is revealed to actually be Alorgoth and is a character from Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition and part of Rasaad's Journey.


Alorgoth has created a bogus order called the Two-Fold Trust for his own hidden machinations. He has duped and mislead scores of "Heretics" - Monks, followers of Selune, Shar and others. Rasaad has his suspicions that Collus and Alorgoth were the same person and has been proved correct.

Alorgoth will order the attacking Sharrans to destroy the Heretic Temple defenders. He will then quickly depart the map. The quest and plot line has made sure Alorgoth is immune to death and all status effects so as to ensure his survival and exit for later plot purposes. Don't waste your time and resources trying to take down this creature as he is nigh invulnerable.

Alorgoth has all the abilities, immunities and special bonuses afforded to a Dark Moon Monk, and commensurate with his 19th Level experience. He is not meant to be killed or destroyed as determined by the game script, and he will leave the Heretic Temple exterior after the dialogue with the party is finished, no matter what the outcome.


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