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Alenina is a Bard at Vyatri's Pub in Trademeet during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. She can be found at the piano to the right as you enter.

Greetings, strangers. I play what melodies I can to calm the folk of this town, but to tell it truthfully it is not an easy task... the fear here fills the air like a sickness.

— Alenina

If you speak to Alenina a few times, you learn that she is "a minstrel from Tethyr" who "had difficulty passing the Sythsillian lines." She recognizes you as Gorion's Ward, since your reputation has spread down the Sword Coast via a mutual acquaintance.

"You... are the one who performed those deeds up in the Sword Coast, yes? I thought you seemed familiar. I have heard a few wondrous tales passed from a fellow bard named Garrick."

If you have been "aiding this town in its time of need" she says, "I intend to write your tale into song, if I may."

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