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Alchra Diagott is a Lich who can be found in the "Soul Trap Device" in the Underdark. His stats are identical to that of a generic unnamed Lich. This Lich is ready to seek revenge on his captors, but instead of being grateful to you for freeing him, he regards you as unworthy pieces of meat and becomes hostile.

Release! The living shall pay for the undeath of this prison! I walk again!

— Alchra Diagott


Free this creature by manipulating the fourth facet on the soul entrapment device. Where "fourth facet" corresponds to a west to east (or left to right) orientation if facing the device.

Once the lich is freed and materializes nearby the party member who activated the release on the Soul Trap Device, some dialogue will be said by the creature. Regardless of what the party does, the lich regards all as target for destruction, and the undead mage is clearly bent on getting revenge on the drow - after taking care of player's party first.

The player's journal will update with the following:

Victims of imprisonment: "A lich?! I will have to be on my guard if I dare to release any more beings from the crystal."

If not immediately destroyed in some manner, the lich will instantly release a series of self-protective magics including, Stoneskin, Protection From Magical Weapons and Spell Trap.

After that, expect a True Sight to assist with dispelling illusions, then possibly a Spell Turning and a Mislead. If able, the Lich will then attempt a Time Stop, and during that pause in time, may use a prepared Spell Trigger with Remove Magic, Death Spell and possibly some Symbol spells.

The Lich has another emergency self-protective application of Stoneskin and Protection From Magical Weapons if needed during the battle.

Any targets in range during the encounter may be attacked with various disabling spells, instant death spells like Wail of the Banshee or Disintegrate, Finger of Death (wizard), and also area offensive damage spells like Sunfire or Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting.

The Lich can summon a Efreeti to help as well.

Not all the spells listed in the InfoBox are scripted for use. The undead wizard won't try a Spellstrike or Meteor Swarm, despite being in memory.

See the InfoBox for a summary of the lich's abilities and immunities.

Alchra Diagott is able to cast most, but not all, of the memorized spells shown in the InfoBox. The unmodified script for this creature does not attempt to take down opponent spell protections except via Remove magic. It doesn't use Breach or Pierce magic for example. The script focuses on a few preparatory buffs and then goes on the offensive with various spells. A party member could conceivably protect self from magical and elemental damage and a spell level protection such as Spell Turning and engage the Lich with melee and survive the encounter and slay the lich - one on one.

Potential bug[]

This creature is only an 11th level conjurer. This is quite low for a lich in this game saga, or in Dungeons and Dragons. It will influence the power of its spell casts to lower than typically found in the rest of the game regarding a lich's assigned experience levels. This may or may not be on purpose - perhaps to help with difficulty for first time or occasional players.

Mod Content[]

  • Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems changes Alchra Diagott to a level 27 mage and it might be a Necromancer kit. No stats or other innate abilities are changed. However, spell selection will differ as well as increasing the number of spells in memory.
  • Installation of SCS's "Smarter Mages" Component will make noticeable changes to this creature's casting spell choices and Artificial Intelligence. It improves targeting and use of sequencers, triggers, contingencies and pre-casting protective spells. Overall, the lich will be more of a challenge. Depending on the game difficulty selection, the lich will use High Level Abilities as well.

The Lich's opening self-protective magics may include Energy Blade (its scripted early attack weapon), Spell Turning (or Geater Spell Deflection with SR, SI: Divination (or Dispelling Screen with SR), Shield (spell), Protection From Fire (wizard), Protection From Acid (spell), Protection From Magic Energy, and Stoneskin.

The innate lich ability to radiate a "Fear Aura" will now deploy around the lich. Immediate support from a Skeleton Warrior will be summoned as well.

Expect a Timestop after the lich has initiated the defensive spell triggers. During the Timestop it may hit the party with several necromantic spells, like Wail of the Banshee, Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting and Power Word Kill. If HLA's are used, perhaps a Comet or Summon Dark Planetar will be cast.

Alchra Diagott has a Minor Sequencer, Spell Sequencer and Spell Trigger prepared for scripted use.

  • If the SCS "More Consistent Breach" component is installed, then a Breach Spell can affect a lich unlike in the unmodded game. However, SCS allows blocking Breach with spell protections like Spell Turning, Spell Deflection or Spell Trap. Even improved Invisibility will stop being targeted by many ranged attacks, including Breach. SCS Liches always put up at least one spell protection (if they are able to do so) at the beginning of hostilities.

Installation of the Spell Revisions mod will change the lich's spellbook to the SR versions. This Mod is compatible and designed to work with SCS.

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