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Akanna is a female human chaotic evil cleric dwelling in the ruined Temple of Bhaal in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear. Before she became priest, she was an assassin, but now has to gain further five levels to get access again to the related abilities.

I can't stop... the voice... ugggh!


Akanna has in her possession the wardstone required to activate the magic circle at Boareskyr Bridge map and teleport into Bridgefort. She is a High Priestess of Cyric, who invaded this temple with her companions after Bhaal was killed by her god. They exterminated all of the Bhaal worshipers who used to dwell inside, except for Madele, the eyeless priestess of Bhaal, whom they are keeping locked in a cage. Akanna has been torturing her physically and psychologically throughout the years, as one can read in her own journal. But currently she is being driven crazy by Darskhelin, who has cooperated with Madele in order to invade the temple with his entourage, and she has been isolated in her quarters for some time.


Akanna can be either an enemy or an ally. If she is spoken to before killing Darskhelin, any dialogue will lead to her attacking, because the voices in her head caused by the mind flayer drive her mad. She will also summon one or two Aerial Servants (128 hp / True Neutral / Str 23, Con Dex Int Wis Cha 9 / saves 4,6,5,4,7 / APR 1 / THAC0 0 / AC 3 / damage 4d8+11 crushing) to help her. She will say that she senses the source of her troubles in the reliquary nearby.

It infiltrated my thoughts... aaah...! Used me to bring its monsters here, murdered my people. I can sense it... nearby. In the reliquary... I can't... AAAAUGH!

If she is spoken to after Darskhelin is killed, she will be grateful for saving her and the temple from him and his company. She won't attack, but she will give you the wardstone needed to activate the teleportation circle instead, and may even give furter rewards. The party can still choose to attack her afterwards, without a reputation loss.

The voice in my head... it's gone. Is this your doing, stranger?

Inside a locked and trapped (with Lightning Bolt) chest in the room there is also a scroll of Detect Illusion and some valuables.


The Eyeless Priestess quest updates when Akanna is confronted before the mind flayer is killed, noting that the party must proceed to the reliquary in order to find and defeat the monster who has taken over this place.

Akanna is also needed for the Bridgefort Wardstone quest to proceed.