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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
Ajoc's Minimod is an old mod that adds a medium-sized quest to Shadows of Amn.


The mod's latest version (v1.6.5) is still not compatible with BG2:EE and EET – but a third-party patch exists to make it compatible (see #External links below).

There is also a BG2:EE- and EET-compatible spinoff/remaster called Loron's Return made by another modder – see that page for details.


The quest starts in Athkatla, and asks you to escort a rich man who is being hunted by mages. It leads you to new maps (some photoshopped from existing BG2 art; some seemingly custom-made) with tough enemies.

How to start the quest[]

Talk to Ademoth in the inn of the Athkatla City Gates district.

External links[]

(For the mod's main website/forum/download page, see the infobox above.)